“Gravy” Train Wreck!!!

Ford Drunk

I have started and abandoned this post 4 times since last Friday. Had a tough time putting it all into written word which as you may know is not usually a problem for me.
Mrs. Nobody does not get involved with this blog. In fact I think she rarely reads my ramblings. But over the weekend she gave me one of those looks and said “Way too much information”. So I pulled my first post on it. This train wreck is tough to watch, but it’s like looking at the sun or a bad car accident, you know you shouldn’t do it but you cant help yourself.
If I lived in Toronto I would very likely be part of “Ford Nation”. Not because I particularly like either of the Ford brothers I find both of them rather boorish actually, especially on the Sunday afternoon radio show on Newstalk 1010. What I do like about them is the message – Respect for taxpayers, lower taxes, privatized garbage and other services, proper long term transit solutions rather than short term fixes (sound familiar) with LRT’s. Plus the bonus was they got right up the downtown liberal elites noses with their beer swilling, Tim Horton’s drinking ways. There is nothing very couth about either of them. Which is exactly why the folks on the outer regions of TO love them, they identify with them.
I was ecstatic when Rob Ford beat Smitherman in the last Toronto municipal election. Because having listened to him as a councillor on the John Oakley show on AM 640 I knew it would mean fireworks at Toronto city hall. I don’t think any of us could have imagined this past years chaos.
What we are witnessing is the very public disintegration of someone’s life and it isn’t finished yet, and it ain’t pretty. This will end very badly.
What amazes me is if Ford did go into rehab, he is still polling very competitively against all comers including Olivia Chow. The downtown lefties should be absolutely embarrassed and ashamed that according to a couple of polls one taken Friday after Chief Blair’s press conference and one after he finally admitted to smoking crack. 43 – 44% of a fairly large sample by Forum Research prefer a drug addled drunken fool with very questionable morals, to anyone they can throw at him. How fed up with the tax and spend socialists can the people of TO be for this to happen? People are not stupid they see the ProvLibs blow $1.2 billion of taxpayers money to save 5 seats in the last provincial election and nary a printed word is written about it. It’s too bad that a fraction of the money that was spent on police surveillance, airplane tracking, wire taps etc. on Ford bad behavior was not spent investigating McGuinty, Wynne et al.

I guess until someone else comes along to fill the void “Ford Nations” attitude is he’s an idiotic drunken fool but he’s our idiotic drunken fool.


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