Hume St – If “Nobody” were running things………..

Hume Map

My post on the plan to put 3 more sets of traffic lights on Hume St generated a lot of interest and comment. From intelligent – Rick Crouch. To a little silly – Stu. His comment was a bit whiny “Why am I (Nobody) always complaining?” Well duh!!! This is a political blog that deals mainly with municipal politics and decisions that our local town council make. I suggest by default it would involve a bit of complaining. Otherwise, if I were continually patting our local council on the back we would call it “Ian Chadwicks Facebook page”. One commenter asked Rick Crouch what his solution would be? If I may be so bold. I put an hours thought into it and came up with the following:

Below is before and after – Street, bike lane and sidewalk plans proposed to council last Monday evening:
Hume St

Before any work starts on this project, we have to decide what is the purpose of Hume St? Is it a main thoroughfare into town? Or is it just a local road that provides access to residential areas and the hospital? If we are to have 6 sets of lights on this road (including Hurontario and Hwy 26) that is exactly what we end up with. If that’s the case then proper signage needs to be provided. Some examples:
1. At the roundabout at Poplar Side Rd there should be a large sign post saying left off the roundabout “Collingwood South” and “Blue Mountain Resort” so before traffic even gets to Hume St it is directed away from downtown if that is not drivers intended destination.
2. At the same roundabout straight on should say “Collingwood Downtown”.
3. At the Highway 26 intersection with Hume there should be a sign directing traffic along PR Parkway saying “Collingwood Downtown”. Highway 26 should continue 2 lanes. Straight on to Hume should say “Collingwood Hospital and local access only”. This straight through to Hume should be one lane only at the light. (might be already).

If Hume is to continue to be a main thoroughfare into downtown there should still be the above signage with the exception of a sign at Highway 26 to Hume should read “Collingwood Hospital and Collingwood Midtown”. Everything stays the same at this intersection.
Ok now all you bicycle heads will go bonkers at me for suggesting this but – Why are we taking up valuable pavement real estate with bike lanes? Have you cycled on Highway 26 to Hume? I have and its an absolute nightmare so we have bike lanes going from nowhere to nowhere and they are not used 5 months of the year. Are these bike lanes continuing to Wasaga Beach? Pretty River Parkway should have bike lanes, Hume St not so much. Bike lanes is a story for another day.

Raglan St intersection turns into a 3 way (mini) roundabout. With signage along both sides of Hume pointing to Raglan saying “Collingwood Business District”.

Peel St intersection keeps lights but get rid of the left turn arrow the above roundabout will remove the need for it. This light is pedestrian controlled and magnetic strip is moved to the center portion of the road on both sides of Peel, so cars turning right do not change the signal. The entrance to this light from Peel is traffic controlled and will never change if no one is on Peel. After 10pm until 6am (as with most traffic lights in town) these lights should flash red and 4 way stop is in operation. How many times have you sat twiddling your thumbs at midnight for 3-4 minutes at this and other lights in town when there is no one else on the road?

Another mini roundabout at Minnesota St.

Not sure why but if we have to deal with St. Marie St we put bollards on the south side of St. Marie and Robinson Streets so you can only enter both from Hume but cannot enter Hume. On the north side from St. Marie we have a no left turn sign between 7am and 7pm daily.

Obviously the above would need a bit of tuning but I think you will agree it’s a hell of a lot more innovative than just throwing traffic lights everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Hume St – If “Nobody” were running things………..

  1. Some good points here, with the over riding message being let’s think diffently and with some vision. Explore other opportunities like the smart lights. I’ve seen some information where the traditional installation of a traffic light regulated intersection is $750,0000 plus! From past investigation the zoning along Hume Street is a mixed bag, no make that a mess. Residential, some commercial and somer retail. Yes commercial and retail are not one in the same. Besides the street itself being in poor condition, it’s hard to address the traffic issues effectively when the land use is so mixed.

  2. Remember that bikes promote both healthy lifestyles and mean increased tourism for communties. Bike lanes are important for bikers communing. How would you like it if you had to stop at every intersection? Bike lanes provide flow. I disagree; however with all the traffic lights. How about pedestrian crosswalks, which are similar to roundabouts in maintaining traffic flow?
    That said, smart lights have been designed recently by UofT grads and have shown to decrease traffic wait times by 40%. This story was featured yesterday on CBC.

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