Economic Developement – “Paul” has his say.


I had a feeling that a lot of other people had been thinking about economic development in Collingwood besides myself. Some great comments and ideas in the comment section of my last post here are a couple that deserve a post rather than being hidden on the comment board.
Remember that is what this blog is all about. Not just me ranting and pontificating, its your chance to have your say also. This blog now gets 200 views per day. When I post about something outspoken or controversial it goes up to over 400 views.

The following is the conversation thread:

Paul on December 3, 2013 at 9:33 am said:

New manufacturing has minimum chance of success in Ontario, so forget about Collingwood for any large scale manufacturing. In the US, local state county governments are offering free land with a manufacture plant as long as the employer employs 10 people for a period 10 years. They also offer many other corporate welfare payments include the one you are referring to in tax free holiday.

What type job should we be looking to bring to Collingwood? High paying service jobs, engineers, medical, teachers. How do we encourage these people to come to Collingwood? Answer this question you solve the problem

Secondly, phone call is not going to cut it. We receive phone from US every 2 week from different state commerce departments.

Third, a display is my reason to come to Collingwood.

Financial incentives, our town pockets aren’t deep enough.

Last comment, what advantages does Collingwood offer? Go for it; give us your best shot

The Professor on December 3, 2013 at 10:13 am said:

I bet when you play hockey you never take a shot on net because you think the goalie might be too good.
“Nobody” is generating ideas. That is how problems are solved.
What do you suggest Paul??

Paul on December 3, 2013 at 1:46 pm said:

Defeatist…or realist

You asked… here you go
What type job should we be looking to bring to Collingwood? High paying service jobs; Engineers, Medical, Teacher

Second, what do we have to offer the employer? This may be hard one. I have been thinking about this one. Regional hospital, ski hills, large body of water, beaches, forest area, farm land, close proximity to large population,

Let sit back and think about this one


We will become the Olympic /athletics training area for Canada.

Before everyone starts laughing, Lake Plaid has held two Olympic has a population 2500 repeat 2500 but has large population close by, east coast US. We have the Golden Horseshoe

I am not suggesting hold the Olympic, I am suggesting we will train Canada high performance athletes

How I see it.
We develop training centres. Take a look of Olympic events below. Which one can’t we do in Collingwood? Most could be done here or plan could be developed to do them here
Special medical care centre for athlete
State art surgery with state of art surgeon you want the surgeon thinking” I want be with the best… I need to live in Collingwood”
Special manufacturing equipment, high performance equipment: lighter, fast, new shape, this mean we are not competing with global production. We look at low production but will need for engineers chemical, design, mechanical. We need them all…
Look at spin off on this plan: hotels, restaurants, downtown, housing, spas. You name it. We all gain
More ideas but you get the drift
Bigger question money to do this/ where to get it
Olympic events
• Archery
• Athletics
• Badminton
• Basketball
• Beach Volleyball
• Boxing
• Canoe Slalom
• Canoe Sprint
• Cycling BMX
• Cycling Mountain Bike
• Cycling Road
• Cycling Track
• Diving
• Equestrian / Dressage
• Equestrian / Eventing
• Equestrian / Jumping
• Fencing
• Football
• Golf
• Gymnastics Artistic
• Gymnastics Rhythmic
• Handball
• Hockey
• Judo
• Modern Pentathlon
• Rowing
• Rugby
• Sailing
• Shooting
• Swimming
• Synchronized Swimming
• Table Tennis
• Taekwondo
• Tennis
• Trampoline
• Triathlon
• Volleyball
• Water Polo
• Weightlifting
• Wrestling Freestyle
• Wrestling Greco-Roman
• Winter
• Alpine Skiing
• Biathlon
• Bobsleigh
• Cross Country Skiing
• Curling
• Figure skating
• Freestyle Skiing
• Ice Hockey
• Luge
• Nordic Combined
• Short Track Speed Skating
• Skeleton
• Ski Jumping
• Snowboard
• Speed skating


One thought on “Economic Developement – “Paul” has his say.

  1. Now we’re talking….. Totally different mindset, with foresight into different areas that are not affected by globalization of the manufacturing base.
    Sorry but he is correct, manufacturing jobs are gone, let’s be proactive and look at avenues that are unique and not based upon past thought processes, well because they are “past”…
    Universities, engineering firms etc… I could go on but I am travelling and on my iPhone and it is pain to type.

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