Budget “Shell Game” has Started

shell game

As I was following Scoops live blog of this week’s town council meeting, I felt like I was at the carnival playing the shell game. You know, the one where the sleazy guy puts a bead under one of three Styrofoam cups then moves it around really fast then you get to pick one and you are always wrong.
I did the following post back on October 24th https://viewfromanobody.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/budget-woes/ At that time we were told that we were looking down the barrel of a 10.8% property tax increase to cover the budget shortfall.
So how did that suddenly end up being a $2.3 million surplus for 2013 per Scoops EB article http://www.theenterprisebulletin.com/2013/12/17/town-council-big-surplus-anticipated-for-2013 Someone who knows better than me told me that now equates to a 9.2% tax relief if applied to the 2014 budget, meaning they could start with a 1.6% increase and cut.

So what is going on here people? As Shakespeare once said “Something smells rotten in Denmark”.

Remember what I said at the end of this post https://viewfromanobody.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/more-budget-woes/ I will remind you:

“But for the immediate future you will be seeing a lot of smoke and mirrors while they try and get through next year’s municipal election.”


3 thoughts on “Budget “Shell Game” has Started

  1. You couldn’t have a better carnival barker than the DM in charge of this shell game. What I would like to see is an audited version of the Town’s annual finances compared to budget. In a for profit environment that’s the only true measure of the management and I see no reason why it can’t be applied here. If Council members knew this was a way for the public to hold them accountable for their spending decisions they would be taking a closer look at major budget line items. The paving of the 11th Line was slid through apparently as part of one line item for “paving” with no breakdown as to where or what was being paved. Further, without a couple of years of expenses under their belts for the operation of the Sprung buildings, it’s way too premature for anyone on Council to be talking about a surplus. My question would be surplus to what?

  2. Maybe it was the cost savings from the 11th line paving….lol….
    On a good note then, my $4000 tax bill will not be going up.
    Budgets are very unique things, one can do things in one year and or defer them to another year..it is a shell game whether it be from a corporate or government standpoint..happens every day….
    Interesting development… The future is going to be an increasing amount of taxes…

    On a side note I am personally not very happy about the Ontario minister of finance planning/wanting on increasing the cpp payments. WTF… Whatever happened to one planning for their own future…. F’n Liberals, have to be the parents of people….
    We are taxed to death albeit, this not technically being a tax, but still money out of our pockets with them controlling it, and as we have seen they are NOT good at managing it.
    Too many costly power generation cancelations, wind power deals, orange ambulance, etc etc etc…to be trusted!!!!
    Stepping off soapbox… It is broken anyways..

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