Senate Scandals CBC will never tell you about.

The weasel

I was out of town some weeks ago, staying in a hotel for a few days. Some of you may have guessed I am a bit of a political news junkie. I watch a lot of news from the States, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC. From Canada, Sun News Network and CTV. I try to avoid CBC because I think its news department is so biased against this current federal Conservative government it’s breath taking. So the only channel available in my room with any politics involved was CBC and especially Power and Politics. Every single minute that week was taken up with the latest “scandalous” developments in the “Conservative Senate scandal”. I put quotation marks on the preceding because I don’t actually think it’s a “Conservative” scandal. Its business as usual in the Senate no matter what your political stripe. I know my political leanings are to the right, but Harpers chief of staff paid the money back so what? I just don’t get it. Actually I do get it the CBC likes the status quo it likes its politics Liberal and if there is a Trudeau as PM even better. Even if he is an empty headed ninny.
So if CBC is all you watch you probably missed the following “Liberal Senate Scandals”, because the little weasel Evan Solomon will never talk about any of them on Power and Politics. The one that involves Colin Kenney is as recent as a month ago.

Colin Kenney
Colin Kenney

Kenny withdrew from the Liberal caucus on November 21, 2013 pending the outcome of an investigation into sexual harassment charges against him by his former assistant and a woman who worked at a tanning salon Kenny used to own who complained to police that he told her to perform oral sex or risk losing her job. It was also stated in a 2001 letter sent by a North Atlantic Treaty Organization official alleging Kenny paid “persistent” and “unwelcome” attention toward two women working at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Mac Harb
Mac Harb

This Liberal Senator was the fourth after Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau. But you will never hear his name mentioned on the CBC in connection with the “Senate Scandal”.
In May 2013, the Senate Internal Economy Committee found that Mac Harb had incorrectly claimed $51,482.90 of living and travel expenses and ordered him to repay it, which was done by July 5, 2013. The committee had earlier advised Harb to repay more than $231,000 of claimed expenses dating back to 2005 to avoid an extensive audit into his finances. Harb stated that his repayment was done “under protest” since he intended to challenge the validity of the committee’s findings in the Ontario Divisional Court.
On August 26, 2013, Harb issued a statement saying that he had repaid all money owed to the Senate, dropped all his lawsuits, and was retiring effective immediately.

Raymond Lavigne
Raymond Lavigne

On June 8, 2006, he was expelled from the Liberal caucus after allegedly misusing Senate funds for personal use. He apparently used $23,000 in funds for work on his estate, including having his executive assistant cut down trees on his property
On March 21, 2011, Lavigne resigned from the Senate.
On May 10, 2011, Lavigne was sentenced to six months in prison with an additional, consecutive six month conditional sentence to be served at home.[16] Lavigne appealed both his convictions and sentences, but his appeals were rejected. He began serving his sentence in June, 2013

Joyce Fairbairn
Joyce Fairbairn.

In August 2012, it was reported that Fairbairn a Liberal Senator has taken indefinite sick leave from the Senate due to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. It was subsequently revealed that Fairbairn had been declared legally incompetent in February but had continued voting in the Senate until 2nd June. The Fairbairn case has led to calls for the Senate to establish rules to address similar situations should they arise in the future. It was announced on November 30, 2012, that she had tendered her resignation to the Governor General with effect from January 18, 2013


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