Let’s put the record straight.


In my last post I said, somewhat tongue in cheek about Mr. Chadwick “The puffed up, pompous, self-importance of this man is both entertaining and fodder for post after post on this blog. So for the sake of VFAN; vote for this man please.” Well his last Scripturient post of the 2013 did not disappoint here:


There were a couple of paragraphs in this post that really bugged me, so rather than let him have the last word unchallenged, I will respond in kind. My responses are in bold print.

“Of course, there was also the bad: the unfounded allegations, gossip, rumour and even outright lies about council that emerged this spring. Some people only see the mote in another’s eye, not the beam in their own”. The ‘unfounded’ part of the allegations is yet to be seen. There has been a detailed and far reaching OPP investigation this past nine months. I have personally talked to many people that have been interviewed by members of the Orillia anti rackets squad regarding the conduct of members of this current council and people closely associated with them. I have also been told by a reliable source that you have been interviewed yourself. Your feigned indignation on this is nauseating.

“The incessant (and continuing) ad hominem attacks from local bloggers, political opponents, and, sadly a former, once-respected and admired friend, hurt and disappointed me personally, but the rest hurt the whole community”. You put yourself in the firing line by making very public and stupid statements. A prime example of this is, you released a graphic of the sprung structure that included the Sprung Shield then shrugged your shoulders and said basically you just pulled it off the internet. I suggest Mr. Chadwick attacks on your character are not ‘ad hominem’ but justified and well founded, no smoke without fire.

“Our community’s once-bright reputation, our image and our honour were indelibly tarnished by unjustified allegations and accusations. Every resident of Collingwood; every parent, every child, every senior was hurt by the actions of a few angry people in 2013”. The only people that have hurt this communities ‘once-bright reputation’ are you and some of your pals.

“How did it benefit anyone? Cui bono? as a lawyer might ask. Certainly not the town, nor its residents. How did it make our community a better, more livable, more progressive place? How did it make our future politics better? Who will want to run for council and risk ridicule and scorn, to expose him- or herself and family to such public flagellation, just for the entertainment of those who conduct the whipping?” Here’s how continual commentary and light shining on you and your pals will benefit this community. Before any person in elected office in this town does a back door deal on a handshake and a slap on the back at a dinner party somewhere, maybe they will think twice, because it might end up in the local newspaper or on a blog somewhere.

“What happened to our Canadian sense of justice and fairness? Of not judging others without proof?”
Last but not least; because the various blogs and commentary including much from myself are critical of you and your conduct. That does not mean an abandonment of our ‘Canadian sense of justice and fairness’. I suggest it’s more a result of our sense of fairness and justice being abused by those in positions of power.


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