Wimp Nation!!!


I am shocked, nay astounded at the wimps we have now turned into.

I first arrived in Collingwood in 2000 and just missed that millennium winter, apparently it was a mild one. My first winter in Collingwood was a shock to the system, being as I had just moved from BC and a bad winter was measured in gallons rather than inches of snow. That first winter I saw 3 ft. of snow fall in one night. At that time I lived on the corner of Campbell and Reid Crescent and the snow was so bad a snow plough got stuck outside our house. We had a 4ft fence around our yard and by December 27th you could barely see the top of it. Our dog would get out of our yard just by walking over the fence. I remember thinking what a hardy bunch, these Ontarians are, after one day of the most snow I had seen in my life. And things very quickly got back to normal.
What has happened to us all? As I write this I just heard on the news that Pearson Airport shut down this morning because it’s too cold for the airport staff and ground crews. I bet the good people in Oslo or Helsinki are having a good chuckle at us for that one. The other thing I notice these days, is every week now schools seem to have a snow day. Two this week and counting. What kind of kids are we bringing up, when at the first sign of any type of inclement weather we tell our little snowflakes it’s too dangerous for them to go out and face the world??? I know, I know, you all scream “it’s because of the buses”. So let me get this straight – If the type of weather have experienced, this past couple of weeks, carries on for the next two months (which it could) do we just put our kid’s education on hold because the buses can’t run ( I will get to that another day)?

A few examples of wimp nation:

1. I was out and about last night doing a little bit of business and a famous sandwich shop that’s name starts with an S and ends in a Y had shut its doors at 7pm ‘because of the storm’. So it was McNasty’s for me for supper.

2. Library closing at 5pm. Believe me the weather was no worse at 9pm than it was at 5pm.

3. CCI actually closing its doors today.

4. The people who run The Weather Network plastering big red blizzard warnings all over there site, causing this collective panic we are now in. It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to get rid of it and actually see the weather.

5. Again I have to mention Pearson International Airport. You think Rob Ford has made Toronto a laughing stock wait till the late nights get hold of this.

6. All our local school boards public and catholic that cancel school bus travel at the drop of a hat.

A few examples of not being part of wimp nation:

1. Our local town council. Kudos to them for going ahead with last night’s council meeting.

2. Our much maligned rec facilities all open for business today.

3. The snow plough and salt truck drivers. God help us, if they decided it was all too dangerous to go out and keep our roads, parking lots, driveways clear of the endless amounts of snow we have seen since November.

4. The people that work at the hospital, fire department, police department and medical emergency personnel who never take a snow day.

One last thing this is not Armageddon IT’S A BIT OF SNOW!!!


3 thoughts on “Wimp Nation!!!

  1. Just so you have the facts straight, our much maligned rec facilities as well as the museum closed at 3 p.m. on both Monday and Tuesday. Faced with the forecasts I think it was prudent of the municipality to ensure their employees made it home safely,

    • Thanks Keith but the weather on both days in our immediate area was not that bad. I was out and about in it. Owen Sound, Midland, different story. I believe it was mass panic caused by people looking at computer screens instead of out the window.

  2. I am in Toronto, and it not necessarily the cold or snow, but the wind, it pretty much freezes things shut ..
    Just imagine if we lived in Parry Sound… You wanna see snow go there, we have nothing compared to them ..seen it with my eyes …ugh!!
    It is getting to the point where we have no place to put anymore snow in Collingwood .

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