Political Pool


I think this is rather clever:

Paul commented on “Who’s doing what in October 2014”. 35m ago

Is game of pool or game of politics?

Pool is just Newton’s Law in action so let do a little rewrite

First law politic/government

An idea that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external group acts upon it.
An idea that is in motion will not change it direction unless an external group acts upon it

Second law politic/government

Action = Idea x Acceleration

A = change tax/time

Third law politics/government

Idea = – Idea

Ball is ideas
Pockets are completed ideas
Felt is the community as whole
Rakes are your developer/large property owners
Chalk is your campaign funding
Player is the councilor
Pool cue is amount you pay the councilors
Pool Brush is blogger/ TV/ radio/ newspapers/ media
Cue ball new budget money
Black ball is debt
Game is length of council sits (4 years)
Ballard room is region
Pool table rules is Ontario municipal act
Cushion is concern citizens/actual voter
Cushion respond is reflection public to idea (soft little defection hard cushion larger defection)
Rack is start of new council
Cue tip is the mayor
Frame to the table is municipal employees and business that provide goods and service to public
Pool lines and marks are the special interest groups/children

Past pool game

Opportunity to build multi rec Centre, hole at Hume and Hurontario new municipal building cloak as a new library, will exclude pretty river private soccer field/Dome it federal government funding with municipal twist

Present pool game

Looking at our pool table

Ball stripe is long down table shot off the multiple banks to make this shot but there also black ball right beside it. Hit it you lose the game. This is new Multi-Rec Centre at YMCA with multiple interest groups: hockey figure skater swimmers curlers baseball, YMCA, local community

Ball two solid is easy shoot cover outdoor rink

Third ball solid is cover regulation size outdoor pool

So you have a new game you’re down 2 games. You are the new council 2010 they seen past councils failures

Remember no balls have been sunk. New council can take one long difficult shoot or two easy shoots. What would you do? Our council chose two easy shoot.

Let’s review this shot

Two balls are in the pocket. We have two goals completed

Third solid ball was also hit they purchased Fisher field ready for future shot.

Fourth ball terminal property missed first attempt but been setup for another shot

This game is almost over fourth ball is still rolling but the game time is running out.

Future game

Issue 1

In your opinion the pool players aren’t that good so you can A) support a new group of better player B) play the game yourself

I say group vs. individual, as this is a funny pool game it take 5 players to hit cue ball and sink a ball

Issue 2

If don’t want to play. You want to watch a better game. You need to up the game. You need better pool stick. Pay the councilors more money.

Issue 3

The felt on the pool table is affected by brushes: Nobody, Enough is Enough, Chadwick,

Say what you want about Chadwick agree or disagree so be it, but he is involved. He is playing the game.

Enough is enough is like he rubbing the whole pool table with sandpaper. He damages the felt, damage the wood, damaging pool table line. In effect offer little to improve the game. If he find table so bad, maybe he should find another table. He offers little in solutions. On other hand maybe his plan is to refinish the whole table: repair the felt, refinish sides. If your concern his readership level is large than yours so is National Enquirer quality vs quantity

Nobody sometime I find you clean the table .You do a great job, open discussion. Other times, I believe you dip your brush in beer and spread your beer dip brush all over the table. It stinks

Issue 4

I would suggest you change the name of your blog to “ Somebody” from “Nobody” and get involved. You do and can affect the table. Take a pay cut become a player at very least write a few cheques. One player can’t make a difference only a group.

Issue 5

Our problem is the system, 7 vote should I say 9, votes one for mayor, one for deputy mayor. You can be everyone last choice at election time but take number one position. If survey man ( Brian Saunderson) does run in the next election. He will be elected but he will be totally ineffective unless he can muster up a voting block of 5.

This year local elections should be interesting: Collingwood, Toronto, and Orillia

Sign up at municipal office. I’ll vote for you if you become a “Somebody”. Yes, I drop off cheque too.

Good luck


PS Pool is covered, the rink covered, is what I prefer no, but they are operating. They are better than nothing!! It time to move forward.


8 thoughts on “Political Pool

  1. Hey Stu and Paul I really like what you bring to the comment section of VFAN. I will never disallow a comment because its critical of me or my blog. One thing I should mention though Enough is Enough has now opened up his comment section to all commenters again including anonymous ones. I notice you both like to vent about Enough is Enough in this space which I always allow. The fair thing to do would be to take your issues about his blog directly to his blog and engage in a conversation with him. Just saying!!!

  2. Okay I am a really dumb guy, and these analogies are killing my mental capacity…

    I prefer to think enough is a pool cue with no chalk on it, but tries the trick shots thinking that he does…

    BS won’t run because he has no balls on the table and or elsewhere ..

    Just call me ladle…

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