“Wimp Nation” Follow Up


I should probably leave this alone but I won’t. In my earlier post “Wimp Nation”, a fellow named Keith responded with this:

Keith on January 8, 2014 at 10:26 pm said:

Just so you have the facts straight, our much maligned rec facilities as well as the museum closed at 3 p.m. on both Monday and Tuesday. Faced with the forecasts I think it was prudent of the municipality to ensure their employees made it home safely,

With all due respect I just don’t get this. I was out and about all day both days in town and around the area. Sure it was pretty cold and outside the town limits visibility was limited, but the collective panic and battening down of the hatches seemed a little over blown.
Keith says it was prudent of the municipality to ensure their employees made it home safely. Safely from what??? If you worked at the library for instance and you live in Singhamton then by all means take an early day both days so you can get home before it gets dark. But if you live on Walnut St or Campbell St there were no problems at all. So to collectively shut the town down for two days, seemed like a bit of overkill to me. You can’t tell me that everyone that snuck out of work early those days had to drive to Meaford or Sunnydale Corners.

This is what should have happened in a sensible well run society:

Let’s say I am the owner of a small Collingwood business in a serviced based industry in Collingwood. On Monday morning 6th January before the doors open we have a head count of staff and see who is present and who is missing. You then check the addresses of your staff members anyone who lives in town – normal day’s work. Anyone with a bit of a drive leave work early. Anyone that is supposed to come in later that day that lives in town call them and let them know the library is open for business. Simple yes. That course of action should have been taken by library, rec facilities etc.
I also notice that I am not the only one that is questioning the collective wimp out of Southern Ontario earlier this week. See video below


The reason that this bugs me so is what are we all going to do in a real crisis?? If we can’t collectively cope with a bit of blowing snow and some unusually cold temperatures. What do we now do if we get a complete power outage like the one we had 10 years ago, but this time in the dead of winter and maybe for a few days longer?? As a society I believe we are obliged to try and carry on as best we can in all situations and conditions. That means schools, banks, libraries, town hall, rec facilities, airports, transportation links all stay operational even if its on a limited basis. Save emergency measures for emergency situations. The alternative is to curl up in the fetal position and hope someone comes to help. It really worries me the message this sends to our kids.

Those I have talked to on this seem to agree with me. But if you don’t and have a different perspective then can you enlighten me please?


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