Then there were two……….


We now have 2 non-incumbents running for Collingwood town council Deb Docherty and Cam Ecclestone. Cam was originally interested per the EB here:

In being the third person to run against Kellie Leitch along with Chris Carrier for the nomination for the candidacy for MP for Simcoe County for the Conservative Party of Canada, prior to the last federal election. He changed his mind when it became apparent Kellie was to be the anointed one. (I voted for Kellie – Sorry Chris :)) Note: Paul Throop eventually rounded out the three candidates.

As soon as I have more information on Cam I will post it here.


One thought on “Then there were two……….

  1. I remember the riding nomination process. Mike Duffy flew in to support Throop and now we all wonder if the taxpayer footed the bill. Probably.

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