Is this the type of person we want in council?

Terry Thomas
Councillor EG Bunkertoad ???

We have another person running for Collingwood Town council – Edward. G. Bunkertoad of Hamilton Drain Gazette fame. As per his self-serving announcement and interview here:

When I heard the announcement early Monday morning I immediately sent an email to him for comment on a few concerns I have on his impending run for political office. After 1 day he has not responded which unacceptable. I expect an immediate response from candidates as soon as they hear from me.

After I did a little digging into his past I found out Bunkertoad has some fairly nasty skeletons in his closet.

I remember reading somewhere that he had spent time in Africa in the 60’s. Well it turns out he was a chief administrator in the Republic of Congo (Zaire), formerly the Belgian Congo. He was employed by the brutal regime of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko or the shortened version “Mobutu”. In the southern town of Kongolo and apparently played a part in the handing over of the democratically elected president Patrice Lumumba to the Katangan authorities by the state which led to his execution. After the fall of the Zaire state in 1997 there was a movement by Amnesty International to have Bunkertoad tried for war crimes but nothing ever came of it because there was no political will by the Chretien government to hand him over to president Laurent-Désiré Kabila of the newly formed Democratic Republic of Congo.

W89 92
Bunkertoad circa 1969.

He also faced tax evasion charges brought forward by Revenue Canada after the purchase of 400 acres of land and subsequent construction of a 10,000 sq ft gothic mansion that he calls Bunkertoad Mansion east of Osler Bluff Rd. The rumours are that he made his fortune by embezzling money from his position in the Congo.
Bunkertoad seems to be apolitical, he is an experienced glad hander and had close ties within both the Mulroney and Chretien governments. Revenue Canada eventually and strangely dropped all charges against him. He has been very quiet for the past 10 years.

Gothic mansion
Bunkertoad Mansion

A little closer to home, some of you might remember him chaining himself to the front door of town hall in 2003, when Geddes was mayor. He was refused a building permit to build some outlying buildings at Bunkertoad Mansion blocking some of the right of way trail system through his land.

There was another nasty incident Bunkertoad was involved in back in 2001. A couple of local teenagers were badly beaten by a couple of his groundsmen after they were caught “poaching” on his land. The young lads were illegally fishing in one of the trout lakes on his property. The groundsman and his assistant were both promptly arrested by the Huronia Blue Mountain OPP. They both made statements detailing a litany of abusive and bizarre behavior by Bunkertoad. Upon release the two were immediately dismissed from his employ and left the area. Before the OPP could investigate any further the complaints were abruptly withdrawn by the young victims. They were later seen driving around town in brand new matching Camaros purchased by an “anonymous” donor from Mike Jackson GM.

I know that we have had our problems in town, but is this the best we can do for candidates for our local town council???


One thought on “Is this the type of person we want in council?

  1. I disagree with your concerns Mr Nobody. Bunkertoad seems like a splendid chap. And experienced too! He has my vote!

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