Downtown Collingwood – Now we’re talking !!!

The following was posted as a comment on my last post by CPTChris. Some great ideas and comments.

I have a lot of thoughts on this but I’ll preface first that I have no experience in municipal politics or city planning. Also I just moved into town 6 months ago and don’t know the history of town or the development of some of the properties.

I think a couple of your points are valid and some others are not. A bowling alley in the down town core or a movie theater that caters to the needs of “you” may be a stretch. Please note the sarcasm. But I do agree with the development of business in the core. I like the idea of closing down streets in the interest of foot traffic. I also like the idea of diverting SOME traffic. You do want some people driving through the core to see what we have to offer?

Some things I think we need to consider:

Free Wi Fi in the core. Get people out of the Starbucks and maybe onto a street bench or park to do their websurfing outside in a our great city See what Stratford did.

Another is a board to attract small and large business to Collingwood. A nice example of that is More tech start ups and incentives to do that. I could go on at length about this but I won’t.

A strong push on the advertisement of the water front. I’ve had multiple conversations recently with people that had no idea that Collingwood is on the water. Let’s get this giant asset working for us! Again I don’t know the history of the silos or who owns them but this should be retail board walks with park space, boat shows, poker runs, art in the park. Wake stock is a great start…keep them coming.

A boutique hotel in the core…on the strip. All the hotels are leaning out towards the mountain or surrounded by those ugly big box stores. People don’t stay in their rooms…they walk around. Great foot traffic.

I’d love a Brew Pub in the down town…but I’d also like a Mexican Restaurant where you can get a good Carne Asada. But that would be personal interest. ; )

More buildings and Galleries along the lines of the Tremont Studio or Enterprise Bulletin building. Pushing and developing the arts in the core.

More people living in the Core. More people live there…the more poeple will use it and walk around in it. Downtown Condos and dual purpose structures.

Get that hole filled in and the land taken away from that developer that has been sitting on that whole for over 6 years. The Admiral by Charis developments. This land needs to be taken away from them and any other properties they own in the core and are doing nothing with.

I think their should be a board that approves the development of some of these buildings in regards to esthetic and keeping buildings with in the theme off the core and some of the nicer buildings. The new Library is stunning. More of this please. And as good a job as Loblaws did. Not sure if this is a fairly new build. But they failed miserably in regards to mountain rd. There was no consideration taken into account for the backside of that building and it’s now what architects refer to as dead space. That block will never have anything nice on the south side of the street because all you have is a large brick wall with no character.


One thought on “Downtown Collingwood – Now we’re talking !!!

  1. Empty store front, breed more empty store fronts.

    Store front shop who need walk-in traffic need to be open when its convenience for me not when convenience them

    Retail business is 10 months to breakeven, 2 month to make a profit, that why they call it Black Friday

    All small towns down town are having problems: big box store, internet, nearby large community. Join the club. It’s called competition for my shopping dollars. Collingwood is no different.

    There is success out their find them duplicate them. Let’s not reinvent the wheel, copy the wheel already build.

    Paid parking is a real nuance. It’s not the cost. It’s just pain to buy a ticket to walk back to car to put on windshield for the town to maybe make 50 cents. Find a way to stop it. Just another small stone in my shoe. Simply, it is just easier to pull into an open free parking somewhere else.

    Is the issue to stop all day employee parking on the street … I get it. If so, here a suggest increase the charge for all day parking but give the first hour free. Our parking staff can run around marking tire once an hour. Charge a big fat fee for non-compliance

    This town needs direction >>>remember political pool.

    Nothing will happen unless someone takes a shot, thanks, Nobody you took a shot. You tried you missed but let keep trying. Let get a plan then work the plan.

    Spark’s Mall in Ottawa does it work? I don’t know, if does let run with it.

    People have to have a reason to come down town. It no big secret. Toronto figured that one out. They now have the bar district, the office district, theatre districted

    What will bring people to our downtown? Festivals, Celebrations, Entertainment.

    It not brain surgery here… I listen, I watch, I look, I shop, I spend. Blue Mountain has figured that one out. Almost every weekend they have something going on: Chili fest Canada day, Turkey tent sale, Family day, etc…

    What does Collingwood celebrate … Elvis…an 80 year old dead guy? First thing we need to do. Appeal to spending demographic, I am not say drop Elvis, modernizes it.

    New name “Celebrate the decades” festival 60 70 80 90. So restaurant will have Elvis, Jackson, and Madonna etc. . .

    It times to re watch the movie “Field of Dream’s” Build it they will come…

    Let’s celebrate it: Boater weekend, tall ship weekend, snowman weekend, April fool weekend. Does it matter what it is? You name it, let’s celebrate it.

    Weirton has Groundhog, Bala has Cranberry festival

    Business need people, people need activity, activity need business. The circle of business
    “Lion king”

    “Nobody” Are you at the town registering time to drive the bus …”Somebody time”… Hint again

    “Don’t worry, be happy” Bob Marley festival too

  2. I’m confused. There are a lot of great ideas here, but most of this has absolutely nothing to do with Council. For example, I assume there is no Mexican restaurant or brew pub in the downtown core because nobody wants to open one. What has that got to do with council? Is there any evidence that Council has suppressed efforts by individuals to open such establishments? I may as well say ‘lets have a bank that distributes free gold bars!’ I’m not sure our Council is as all-powerful as everyone seems to think.

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