That’s What Friends Are For!!!

As Dionne Warwick once crooned:

♫ In good times, in bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
Oh, that’s what friends are for. ♫

I bet Rick Lloyd was humming the above eighties classic as he was heading home from council tonight.

If ever you wanted to see an example of out and out nepotism and cronyism look no further than tonight’s Collingwood town council meeting. I am talking of course about our fearless Deputy Mayors potential purchasers application to have his house approved as a Bed and Breakfast to grease the wheels of its sale.

There were some local residents in attendance who after it was approved were visibly and vocally pissed off. Our Mayor had to call the proceedings to order and reminded everyone that she had forwarded all the residents concerns to the planning department. If torches and pitch forks were still de rigueur I am sure a few people would be gathering at 9 Craigleith Court this evening.

Joe Gardhouse tried to do the right thing and very properly made a motion that prior to any B and B getting approved the property get site plan approval which would have things like setbacks for parking and at least would put some controls on the business in the future. Here’s how that faired:

Chadwick questions how much it would cost the applicant. Farrer said it would be about $5,000, and take a couple of months.

Chadwick says that seems to be “overly bureaucratic” and unnecessary.

Chadwick questions if it would set a precedent. Farrer says the department looks at each case individually, but if the department started looking at site plan control, it could be part of the process but she only sees B an B’s every 3 or 4 years .

Chadwick says he doesn’t want to put anything in the way of people doing this type of operation, and just adds a layer of bureaucracy. It would be an economic driver.

West says he sees no problem in a site plan approval.

Cunningham argues there are already controls in place through zoning, “To throw in more rules, I just don’t see the point of it,”

Kevin Lloyd notes he has several home-based businesses on his street, and asks if they require site plan agreements. The response is no.

Goes to vote Cooper, Lloyd, Cunningham and Chadwick vote against motion. Edwards, West, Gardhouse vote for.

Gardhouse’s motion is defeated.

Motion to allow zoning is approved 6 to 1 (Hull is away tonight and Rick Lloyd excused himself for conflict) .

♫ Keep smilin’, keep shinin’
Knowin’ you can always count on me, for sure
That’s what friends are for ♫


16 thoughts on “That’s What Friends Are For!!!

  1. If anyone appeals the decision to the OMB, the 5000 dollar cost for a site plan agreement and the several weeks to get the agreement done and before council will be cheap and timely compared to the costs and time consuming pace of an OMB appeal process. Council could have also waived the fee in part or in whole if they feel the cost is too high for this type of application. Council could also have denied the application and let the property owner appeal the decision to the OMB.

  2. Help please>>>This by law state a site plan is required
    Part txt below
    (a) All of the lands situated within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Collingwood and in a Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Community Service, Greenbelt or Other Zone classification, including multiple dwelling uses accommodating three or more dwelling units, Bed and Breakfast accommodation and community service/public uses in Collingwood Zoning By-law No. 2010-040, as amended from time to time, are, subject to Section 1 (b), hereby designated as a site plan control area pursuant to section 41 of the Planning Act or any successor legislation thereto.

  3. It’s disgusting. Their actions continue to evangelize “we’ll do what we want, when we want with complete disregard for any public opinion (if we even let the public know before we carry through on it), proper process, etc.” It ‘s time for this show to be retired.

  4. I think that the decision was the right one, the opposition reasons against the the B&B were unfounded. Guest at B&Bs are not rowdy and the neighbor’s wouldn’t notice any difference. The problem is Collingwood residents have lost faith in there elected officials and the process.

  5. If for no other reason than transparency, Gardhouse’s motion should have been approved. It would not have appeased the residents of the Forest but it would have demonstrated at least a small degree of confirmation that their objections were heard and their welbeing was being looked out for. A site plan would have assured them of some sense of control re: the development of the property as a B & B for parking etc. Transparency is nothing more than a buzzword for some on this Council. As far as Chadwick’s concern regarding bureaucracy I guess the same applied when they spent $13 million on the Sprung buildings and some other questionable decisions. No one wanted bureaucracy or rules to get in the way. PS: the address above should read 9 Craigleith Court. I suspect this matter may not be over just yet.

  6. Makes me sick.
    At least they could go through the motions if they wanted to approve such a seemingly contentious decision……..but No.
    Far be it from letting the issue go to Staff.
    This is Over the Top.
    I had a sign for Kevin Lloyd on my lawn for the last election, and I thought about working for Rick Lloyd in the campaign …..and OMG I voted for Chadwick.

    None of them will get my vote this time.

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