Vision 2020 – The Document

My apologies to you all if I am posting too often these days. I realize that when you write a blog you can over saturate your audience. The problem is at present there are lots of things going on, plus in this election year I have some past situations I want to write about, Vision 2020, The Tremont “deal”, VOTE. Because many of the people involved with these past situations will be looking for your vote in October. I believe that how they handled these files needs to be remembered. Then I open my email box this morning and Chadwick posts this http:

Which I can’t let stand without comment. Also Budget deliberations. The ones that just drop in my lap like Rick Lloyds B and B. Plus people will be stepping up to run for council which I intend to cover. So if you get sick and tired of my musings then feel free to ignore me and I will get the message. I must admit though at present lots of you are engaged.

Vision 2020 logo

The following is the abridged version of Vision 2020 ( I’d hate to see the non abridged version).

Blueprint Collingwood

My next post on Vision 2020 will be inside track on the politics behind this blueprint not being followed through on. If you want to know why Downtown Collingwood is still on life support and not the place envisioned in this blue print, look no further than our current Mayor and Deputy Major.


4 thoughts on “Vision 2020 – The Document

  1. Would it be reasonable to suggest that our current council lacks 20/20 vision when it comes to the future of Collingwood? A bit myopic maybe? Spending $14 million on a hodge-podge of rec facilities that cater to a few interest groups instead of using that money, likely a once in a generation opportunity, as a down payment on a true community centre that would have served all citizens for many years to come would be a good example.

    • I think that would be very reasonable Mike. You will see and maybe have seen already in some of my past and future posts that when there are hard forward thinking decisions to be made the likes of Cooper,, Lloyd and Chadwick are MIA..

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