It wasn’t me it was those other guys!!!

I didn’t intend to do a follow up to the following:

But I was perusing through some old minutes of town council meetings of the Carrier administration. Chadwick seems so intent on distancing himself from this council, my thought was if he was such a protector of the town purse, as he seems to keep pontificating, then he must have been kicking and screaming to try to stop all of that wayward spending. So let’s take a quick look:


The was the vote for the library – $7,487,000.00. Chadwick approved.

First St

This one was the vote for the First St reconstruction $8,823,000 give or take. Chadwick approved.

Down town

Then we have the Downtown revitalization $4,857,000.00 give or take. Chadwick approved.

So in total Chadwick approved $21,167,000.00 in debt spending. And as agreed now by everyone concerned, the town debt increased during the Carrier council $21,400,000.00. So all of the, what I would call discretionary, debt spending was approved by Chadwick.

Don’t get me wrong I think that the projects (with the exception of the library maybe) were necessary. But it’s a bit rich for Chadwick to carry on like this council are the purveyors of fiscal prudence and the previous administration were spending like drunken sailors on shore leave. And to read his blog you would think that he had nothing to do with any of it.


5 thoughts on “It wasn’t me it was those other guys!!!

  1. Chadwick certainly is arrogant. Every blog he posts seems to prove that.
    The evidence of his revisionist history astounds me. He appears to be so blatant about bending the facts that your blog disproves. Our Towns version of Torontos Ford brothers?

  2. Back on January 7th of this year, Councilor Chadwick published a blog titled “Looking Back on Three Years.” This was yet another example of self proclaimed accolades of the alleged accomplishments of the current Council. Much of what is contained in that blog was the same as what we were subjected to in February 2013 when Council’s “Half Time” newsletter was inserted into our Collus bills. You’ll remember the four page, full colour football themed publication that touted multiple accomplishments none of which were substantiated with specific details. Said publication included many claims including the likes of the following:

    Year One – “Kept property taxes and user fees low.”
    Year Two – “Kept property taxes and user fees low again.”

    Here’s one of the best claims:

    “Developed a tax-neutral solution to build much-needed, new recreational facilities through Sprung technologies.”
    With reference to some of this Council’s alleged accomplishments, Chadwick’s blog post of January 7th states:

    “This shows council’s continued commitment to recreation and culture, and to maintaining and protecting our heritage – both built and natural. With the new arena, year-round aquatic centre, new harbour docks and ownership of our soccer pitches at Fisher Field, this council has made a significant investment in and upgrades to our town’s facilities and services.”
    “What the brochure doesn’t say, is that we also have managed to do this for the last three years with no significant property tax increases, and while paying down our debt by $9 million! We have been a very fiscally responsible council this term.”

    In an email to Council last February, I asked (and failed to obtain), any specific details to support the many claims in the “Half Time” newsletter relative to “keeping taxes low” etc. Fact, next to Meaford, Collingwood has the highest property taxes rates in the area so claiming to have “kept taxes low” or despite having managed to spend significant amounts of money “….for the lasts three years with no significant property tax increases…” is misleading. I argued in my email to Council last February that making a $13 million capital purchase on the two recreational facilities is hardly “tax-neutral.” At the same time I also stated the following: “Operational costs for the Sprung buildings is a complete unknown at this point. Whatever they are they will result in added annual operating expenses on the Town’s budget moving forward yet the claim is being made that this entire recreational initiative is tax neutral? Low and behold this past week in the Enterprise Bulletin’s story re: the 2014 budget, we learned that Parks and Rec is looking for a budget increase of $350,000 to operate the two new facilities. So much for “tax-neutral.”
    With just the rec facilities alone, fiscal prudence was lacking. There was no competitive bidding, we didn’t get what we thought ie: no Sprung Shield which will now cost twice as much to install if we want it and on top of it all, at least $350,000 more in annual operating expenses thrust onto the back of taxpayers. What about the purchase of the building on the 10th Line for $2.25 million, $700,000 more than what the Goodyear property sold for with a building 10 times larger and 15 times more land. Or the .6KM of paving done on the 11th Line, a road to nowhere! All fiscal boondoggles.
    Don;t get me wrong, there have been some noteworthy decisions and expenses but fiscal prudence? With all the false and erroneous claims and information that has been conveyed to the public, little wonder we need an Integrity Commissioner, yet more expense.

  3. This information helps explain why Councillor Chadwick voted against the motion to make all votes “recorded votes”.

    Remember in the CBC story, “When confronted about Bonwick’s business dealings, Coun. Chadwick told CBC News he didn’t recall voting to approve the sale of the public utility to Bonwick’s client, although it was confirmed in town documents that he voted in favour.”

  4. Keep up the good work.
    I love it when bate truth punches holes in pontification and fabrication.
    Time for the arrogant Chadwick to leave Council, and write books. Or whatever he is good at.

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