Hey Chadwick pull the other one

………….. It’s got bells on it.

I would like to point you in the direction to one of our esteemed councillor Chadwick’s recent blog posts:

I try to ignore his meanderings these days, because much of his bread making blabbering cannot be of any interest to anyone but the staunchest of his followers. But he does occasionally write the odd relevant (to us mere mortals anyway) post.

In the attached post Mr. Chadwick would like us to believe that there are no backroom deals done on the dinner party or barbecue circuit.

So let’s take a quick look at a recent case that got a bunch of us and actually some of his potential voters, spitting in our coffees. I am talking about the Rick Lloyd Bed and Breakfast sham of course. In this situation 72 local residents objected to allowing it in their neighborhood, numerous people emailed the mayor with objections, for which she sent back curt replies (our mayor loves those). I am not going to get into the merits of whether this should or shouldn’t have been approved. I know the area, but not the actual road. It’s a quiet leafy up market sub division and I’d imagine if you bought a house around there you wouldn’t get much change from a million bucks. The last application for a B and B in town was on Niagara St in 2009 and the applicant withdrew the application due to public opposition.
So recap: Lots of local objection. An area with no other instances of B and B’s. An election year. The Deputy Mayor involved. You would think in a case like this the minimum a fully engaged accountable local government would require is a site plan approval to get everything on title and in place with the zoning of this new business. Joe Gardhouse quite rightly motioned for such a plan. I will point out the obvious: A site plan approval would take a couple of months. Real estate deals (which the approval of zoning rested upon) are time sensitive negotiations. If you believe that the usual suspects who always vote as a bloc anyway did not do a little of the old nudge nudge wink wink, whether over a coffee, a beer, or a plate of spaghetti corbonara. I have a couple of acres of Silvercreek swampland that I want to sell you as building lot.

So Chadwick you can blog and pontificate as much as you want on an absence of shady backroom dealings in this administration, your actions speak much louder than your self serving blog.


7 thoughts on “Hey Chadwick pull the other one

  1. Doe it really matter if there was any backroom dealing or barbeque brokering? Can we not just hold this council accountable for the brutal and expensive decisions that they have made in plain view?

  2. Councillor Chadwick’s ramblings illustrate a complete disengagement with the widespread dissatisfaction and mistrust that this “leaderless” Council has brought upon itself over the past three years. As I have said in the past, it’s a sad state of affairs when an Integrity Commissioner has to be hired at taxpayers expense to achieve a degree integrity and hold our elected officials accountable yet he touts it as an accomplishment in as much saying “look what we did.” His state of delusion is to be pitied not mocked.

  3. Just a mere mortal here, with no voice with this local government, as I could not and would not be allowed to associate with the elitist asses that profess to speak on my behalf. Just wanted to say “touche” on your on your comments. Keep up the pressure on the fools who know all.
    Chris Siegman

  4. What was it Ms Mary said in Scoops blog?
    Oh yes…..
    “In 2014….ABC for Council
    A – anybody
    B – but
    C – Chadwick”

    I think I will get a T shirts and buttons made.

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