Dick Hill continues to prop up his buddies on council.

I was out of town for a week and the following was in my email inbox when I returned. Its from our old friend Dick Hill. Chadwick seems to wheel his buddy out every few months to give a different version of the same “unbiased” letter he sent to the EB and the Connection last year. I will formulate a suitable response shortly.

COLLINGWOOD DEBUNKER! Alternate comment based on facts March 16, 2014

Criticism is easy, leadership take(s) skill!! Recent criticism of Collingwood Council decisions by some local bloggers has been particularly biased and violent. This situation relates to the upcoming municipal election where some dissatisfied individuals find fault with all Council decisions. The nattering negativity does have an adverse effect on any elected Councillor and those who would like to run for election.! ! The situation has nothing to do with ‘free speech’ but does relate to taking responsibility for what is written. The opinions presented are ‘open game’ as not all residents can be expected to agree with Council decisions. However, the blogger’s unsubstantiated bullying aspects harm community democracy and well being.. It is significant that Council decisions are made in public as a group and iI is the administration that carries them out.! ! In particular, the personal attacks on the Mayor are blatantly biased and misleading, such as Nobody’s…..! ! “Sandra Coopers best impression of a screechy early 20th century school ma’am admonishing all the naughty kids at the back of the class.” 26Feb14! ! “Our next council should be a new mayor, a new deputy mayor, a new councillors, no experience required previous member need not apply.” 4March14! ! “Please don’t let this shameless bunch of hooligans run our town any longer!.” 25Feb14! ! “The problem is Collingwood residents have lost faith in there elected officials and the process.” 24Feb14! ! And Enough Is Enough, who is running for a Council position, blogs…..! ! “It sure as hell wasn’t the residents who showed up to council for the B & B debate last night. Out of line or not, the way Mayor Cooper spoke to them was disgraceful.” 25 Feb14! ! “decisions to be made the likes of Cooper, Lloyd and Chadwick are MIA “(missing in action). 11Mar14! ! “documentation regarding Sandra’s lack of leadership, is an embarrassment to the entire town.” 11Mar14! ! The blogger’s overall effect on Collingwood life is not significant as few residents are exposed to them. But the principle of responsible democracy requires support for the process as well as decisions made. Rehashing old decisions and votes is not productive. Its easy to find fault with anything but it requires managerial skills to be an effective Mayor or Councillor.! ! As Council decisions are made in public with recorded minutes and shown live on television, the anti- bloggers can readily dig for conspiracy theories to interpret their particular biases. Unfortunately, there are some nasty people who prefer to tear things apart rather then heal them.! ! Collingwood’s Mayor and Councillors deserve support and praise for working long hours on behalf of all Collingwood residents. Council decision are made with the information available at the time and are made for community benefit. They do it for the equivalent of the minimum wage rate.


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