Dick Hill comes up for some fresh air!!!

Dick Hill has his nose so far up the rear ends of some members of this current council, he’s forgotten what fresh air smells like. I’m talking of course about the letter that has been circulating that I featured in my previous post.

I dealt with most of the issues he raises last summer, in this post here:


So I won’t repeat myself again. I can’t answer for Enough is Enough, Steve has a big enough platform to do that himself, if he so wishes.
I will take issue with some of the quotes he assigns to me though:

“Sandra Coopers best impression of a screechy early 20th century school ma’am admonishing all the naughty kids at the back of the class.” 26Feb14! !
OK fair play that was me from here:


But I laughed out loud when I wrote it because that’s exactly what she sounded like.
Anyway the others were from my commenters. For example:
“Our next council should be a new mayor, a new deputy mayor, a new councillors, no experience required previous member need not apply.” 4March14! ! That was the long winded name one of my commenters gave himself here:


And this: “Please don’t let this shameless bunch of hooligans run our town any longer!.” 25Feb14! That was George Dickson on the above “That’s what friends are for” post.

Then this: “The problem is Collingwood residents have lost faith in there elected officials and the process.” 24Feb14! ! Not sure where he got that one from, but not from anything I have written.

Secondly and more importantly; Dick says “The blogger’s overall effect on Collingwood life is not significant as few residents are exposed to them.” I beg to differ on that one also. As of this posting Steve Bermans Facebook page has 291 followers. Chadwick, who has been in council for over 10 years, has 107 followers. Chadwick’s blog Scripturient has been in operation for close to 2 years he just celebrated 100k views in another one of his self serving, self promoting posts a couple of weeks ago. As opposed to myself who knows nobody important in town, most of you would not recognize me if you passed me on the street. VFAN has been in operation one year less, and I will go through 100k views probably middle of April. Enough is Enough rolled through 250k views in January in around the same time frame as Chadwick’s pompous blog.
So again Dick when Chadwick sends you a piece to copy and paste to send out as a “concerned citizen” to the general community, at least fact check what you are emailing first.

For a little levity in the Dick Hill “Internet Warlords” theme, check this out on my YouTube stream:



One thought on “Dick Hill comes up for some fresh air!!!

  1. He has me down for this one, “decisions to be made the likes of Cooper, Lloyd and Chadwick are MIA “(missing in action)”, but I can’t find it in any blog or comment…trivial as it is.

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