Cooper tries to apply the Revlon Moondrops.


I had a a good chuckle at the scrambling our mayor was doing in response to this:

If you notice at the bottom there’s one of Scoops quick polls. I have done a screen shot cut and paste to show the results as of this posts publishing here:

Moneysense Poll

I was actually rather surprised that in this poll 68% agree with the ranking or think we should be below it. I agree with the ranking myself. This would never have been the case a few years ago, up until around 2008-09 there was a huge sense of optomism and pride in living in this town. You can blame the “great recession” for some of this despondency, after all this town and surrounding area are very much reliant on people coming here for weekends and its part time residents. This descretionary spending is always the first to disappear when times get tough.
The reason our feckless mayor is scrambling is because this mediocre ranking is a direct reflection of herself and her administration. You see it doesn’t matter what shade of “Revlon Moondrop” she tries to put on the snout of this pig. It’s still a pig. Come on Sandra blaming the weather? If that was the case how did we get an 11th ranking in 2006?

She asks in regards to transportation “Whether the magazine took into full account the regional public transit system that’s evolved over the last two years between Collingwood and Wasaga Beach, which now includes The Blue Mountains to the west.” I believe that this one statement quite succinctly sums up the small town “mouse” mindset that she and some of her councillors/supporters have. Have any of you ever tried to get to Barrie without a car? While writing this I decided to check. Here is the schedule:

2822 – Toronto – Barrie – Owen Sound Nov 7 10

That’s right I’m as shocked as you are that you can actually do it. A mayor with an eye on the pulse of her town would sit down with the mayor of Barrie and figure out how to get a regular bus service to Barrie. Can you imagine being able to let your teenage kids catch a regularly scheduled bus (helicopter parents need not apply) to the Georgian Mall? That is what a modern day transportation system looks like. Not putting in a highly subsidized (I think around $40k per year) bus service to a town 10km away, which should have been done years ago. I have sent my kids up to 6th St two times this winter to catch the bus to go skiing. The first time the bus had already left and they got to the stop 5 minutes early. The second time it just didn’t show up and no one could tell them why. So as a family we have given up on that option. So no Sandra that straw grasping does not wash.

She also said without much conviction “We are the best in the county”. I’m sorry but I didn’t trudge across the country 14 years ago to relocate my life and family to say I am moving to a place that is better than Angus. This place showed so much potential all those years ago. I believe through mismanagement, cronyism, nepotism and outright dishonesty this town has regressed to being ranked 90th best place to live in Ontario. In a couple of months “Cooper Nation” will ramp up its power base declare her intention to run and Collingwood will continue its slide towards mediocrity. Very sad!!!


3 thoughts on “Cooper tries to apply the Revlon Moondrops.

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention RB. Was not having a dig at Angus or its residents. I just never made a choice to move there. I did make that choice with Collingwood nearly 15 years ago.

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