Is the Mayor in MORAL conflict again ?

I was perusing the agenda for March 31st council meeting and noticed in the minutes of last Mondays (24th) council meeting, earlier on today (get a life Nobody). Which I do on the odd occasion. Something jumped out of the page at me like a neon sign:



Beyond the fact that our local municipal government is supposed to be apolitical and non party affiliated, then again I suppose our scissor snapping mayor is in good company with Wynne et al, seeing as the OPP are crawling all over that government also. But I digress……
For the uninitiated Compenso Communications located at the famed 186 Hurontario St that we keep hearing about. Is also the Mayors brothers company. So let’s recap, we have our Mayor accepting a very public gift from her brothers political lobbying company. A year ago she was stuttering her way through a CBC investigative interview on previous conflicts involving her brother, looking rather sheepish explaining “Brothers are not technically a conflict”.
You are probably saying “Relax Nobody what could a dinner cost? Couple hundred bucks maybe, no big deal?” In our world that would probably be the case. But in the rarified air of the movers, shakers and political elites of this province this dinner was $1,500 per plate see below:

SnipImage (2)

The following is an excerpt from the towns code of conduct regarding gifts:

5. Gifts and Benefits
Members of Council will only;
o Accept gifts, hospitality or entertainment that could not be reasonably construed
as being given in anticipation or recognition of special consideration by the
o Accept gifts, hospitality or entertainment with a nominal value of $500 or more
with the prior approval of Council.

o Accept gifts, hospitality or entertainment that can be used/consumed within a 24
hour period and if the offer is infrequent (less than 2 or 3 times a year). Offers of
accommodation or transportation values over $200 are not to be accepted.
o Members of Council acknowledge that the Mayor will in his/her role, periodically
receive and distribute ceremonial or other similar items on behalf of Council and
the Town. Gifts and/or awards given on behalf of the Town shall be
acknowledged as such and not as gifts of any individual member of Council.
“Gift” shall mean something acquired without compensation.

So reading the above I would say for starters the item in bold above, gift over $500. She should have asked permission from council prior to going. Not that that would make any difference her pals would rubber stamp it anyway. But at least we could get some idea who she is hobnobbing with, who else was sitting at her table and what kind of influence might be getting garnered. That’s why these things are supposed to go before council and that is why it is part of the code of conduct.

We now have an integrity commissioner. I suggest that this is a pretty good first item to take a closer look at.


12 thoughts on “Is the Mayor in MORAL conflict again ?

  1. What is most disturbing about this issue and others is the rather flagrant attitude that is demonstrating by some members of this Council. You would think that with the widespread level of dissatisfaction expressed online and distrust that many in this community feel towards the local political process forcing the need to hire an Integrity Commissioner, combined with an ongoing OPP investigation that has gone on for over a year, common sense would tell you to tread lightly on matters such as this. But no it seems to me more of a “look what we can get away with attitude.” Either that or it’s stupidity and I’m not sure which is worse. Smoozing with the Premier is obviously more of a priority than this deeply indebted Town’s finances and budget. The Mayor obviously hasn’t used her subscription that Hanukkah bestowed upon her a few months back.

  2. Once again, great article. Thank you for your research and time on these very relevant issues. Keep up the pressure, it’s all an elitist agenda on their part and its much appreciated knowing that others share the same values as myself.
    Again thank you!!

  3. Perhaps someone should “officially” notify Scoop of this issue/fact.
    I know that he reads this blog but perhaps he would need a soft nudge to pursue it.
    Seems like this is a real story to me…..
    My impression is that this issue rises about blog chatter and should bubble to the top as a more visible story in the EB

  4. Should the clerk or the CAO not have caught this? Although it would have been rubber stamped at least present to the community the appearance of following process?

  5. I’m glad you brought this up, as it’s been speculated about online ever since it happened. To me, the bigger issue is that she skipped out on the budget meeting to attend this dinner, thus leaving 5 budget items tied in 4-4 votes (and thus defeated)

    Amongst the votes defeated by the ties, were the CAO’s recommended tax levy, and replacing some of the town’s unsafe children’s play structures at local parks.

  6. hmmmmm
    How does the Integrity Commissioner’s involvement in an issue get officially triggered?
    Does someone need to file a complaint?
    I suspect that a blog comment (from a “Nobody” who is perceived by some as a rogue scallywag) would not be sufficient to get this on the IC’s radar.

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