More MORAL conflicts from Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Lloyd and Chadwick???

Yours truly was watching the excellent Netflix syndicated political drama “House of Cards” last night and marveling at the political gymnastics of Francis Underhill. In one scene he and his very beautiful but ruthless wife Claire were hosting a political fundraiser. Bang!!! Something hit me like a freight train “I wonder what happened in previous years”??? I grabbed my laptop and started perusing minutes from previous years council meetings and came up with this for 2012:



2012 fundraiser

My apologies there is only one of me and I only have a certain amount of time to spend on this stuff. So I haven’t yet had a chance to look through last years minutes to see if the same thing happened (any volunteers would be welcome). But if they were smart with all the public scrutiny going on with the OPP and CBC sniffing around they would have passed on Paul Bonwick’s largess. I say Paul Bonwick even though I don’t actually know whether in 2012 Compenso picked up the tab. But you know what they say “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck………..

Anyway a recap: In 2012 you have the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and 2 councillors who always vote as a block attend a Liberal fundraiser as a guest of Compenso. A local political lobbying company that is owned by Paul Bonwick the brother of the mayor. I assume at a cost of $1,500 per plate total cost to Compenso $6,000 and barely a mention at the council table.

This blog writes itself.

Note: Someone forwarded the following information to me via email:

Also, deputy-mayor in 2011…

I went back and looked at 2011. Ticket price in 2011 was $1,000, and in 2013 was $1,200. Haven’t found the 2012 price yet, but probably somewhere in between.


One thought on “More MORAL conflicts from Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Lloyd and Chadwick???

  1. Nobody, I noticed the first post you did the minutes disclose who the Gift over $200.00 was from, Compenso Communications although it does not state how much the gift was but as you noted the $1,500.00 per ticket price was online.
    The minutes of the meetings of Council from years past you have posted neither disclose who the gift was from nor the value of the gift. If I recall correctly I was asked to attend such a dinner during my tenure as Mayor and the offer was extended by the Village Association from Blue Mountain. I politely declined of course but my point is that we do not know who gave the previous Gifts valued over $200.00 to the recipients as noted only the members of council who disclosed the gift. A better policy would be to disclose the value of the gift, guestimate if not known and state who the gift was from. In the case of a lobbyist it might be helpful to disclose if others present at the event who also received such a gift or were at a group table, had business before any Board, Committee, Commission, local Council or County Council of the person benefitting from the Gift of over $200,00. Hopefully your posts lead to a better policy and process of disclosure.

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