“Nobody” to run for Mayor of Collingwood.

Blue Brothers

Mariane McLeod ruined the party and outed my April Fools Day prank this morning on 97.7 The Beach. I am not running for Mayor of Collingwood. Although if my circumstances were different at present I would do exactly what I proposed this morning, John Belushi outfit and all. Not to get into the Mayors chair, I wouldn’t want that gig, but to get a seat at the mayoralty debate.

I have setup a Facebook page called “View from a Nobody” which I invite you all to like at:


I will be posting my VFAN posts and anything else that I find interesting, politically speaking, on that site from now on.

Happy April Fools Day!!!


15 thoughts on ““Nobody” to run for Mayor of Collingwood.

  1. Good one Nobody – you almost had me. If one is not on Facebook does this mean we can’t follow you on this venue any longer?

  2. Is this an early April fool joke >>> I hope not.. good luck..
    Now you’ll be known as ” Speedy” remember old speed muffler ad.. you’ll be a “Somebody”

  3. I’ll only vote for Nobody if Chris Carrier stands. In other words; I’ll be voting for Nobody! Go Nobody!! (and Bunkertoad of course).

  4. Good for you.
    Unexpected and Machiavellian
    Now your questions and issues will have a broader reach and it will be tough for The Establishment to ignore them.
    Then comes the question as to if,and who, you eventually support someone else for the chair……but that is for later

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