Marg and Deb lay down the hammer!!!

You Go Girls…………

An Open letter to Mayor and Council, Town of Collingwood

Your Worship and Members of Council,

In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to speak to many residents from all around Town, and we have spoken about the issues and opportunities that are important to them as we approach the municipal election.

One of the primary concerns expressed is the state of the Admiral Collingwood Development site, with its dilapidated hoarding that no longer hides or safely encloses an abandoned building site and a gaping excavation that is a clear safety hazard now that easy access to the site is possible. While the developer had the opportunity to initiate development when the building permit was issued in 2008, the building permit was never picked up. Today, it is not only a safety concern; it is a poor gateway to our downtown Heritage District from the south.

Mayor and Council, you have the ability to rectify this situation. You have signed a Site Remediation Agreement with the developer in April, 2011. It states that unless construction is “substantially commenced” – permit issued, fees paid and foundation started by April 30, 2014 – which is at this late date impossible– the Admiral Collingwood Development is to be filled in and the site landscaped at the expense of the developer. That deadline is one month from today.
The optics are not favourable. You have already directed the developer of the Shipyards to “clean up” their inactive construction site, without the benefit of a pre-existing Remediation Agreement, but you have been silent in regard to the Admiral Collingwood Place. In the meantime you have entered into discussions with the developer for the development of the Mountainview commercial site. Is it not reasonable for the Town to demand the ACDC site be remediated before the Mountainview is permitted?
Mayor and Council – do not pass on this opportunity to have the Admiral Collingwood site cleaned up so that we can all move forward.

Yours respectfully,
Deborah Doherty

Dear Friends

It’s been 10 years since we’ve had to deal with the non-development on the corner of Hume and Hurontario. After much controversy. the project was approved in 2008 with building permits ready but to this day, they have never been picked up. As most know, the project has gone through changes since then, has been put on hold twice and is again in limbo.

We have been looking at hoarding wrapped around the site for several years now and the hole is still there. While locals have gotten so used to it that they almost don’t notice the site, the people who visit our community are always asking or commenting about it. It is an eyesore and a poor gateway into our historic (and struggling) downtown and community in general.

The current site plan agreement expires at the end of April. Council Candidate and former Councillor, Deb Doherty sent the attached letter to council today and the developer quickly responded this afternoon by filing an application for a two year extension of the agreement in case he wants to do something.

Ten years has been more than enough time to develop the site. The people of Collingwood deserve better and it’s time to stop the fiasco. The hole should be filled, the hoarding should come down and the site remediated until such time as the developer has a real plan and is ready to pick up building permits and begin work in earnest.

Council will be discussing this next Monday night, April 7th. I urge you to call or email your Mayor and council before then letting them know that you do not support an extension of the site plan agreement and requesting that the site be remediated. Let’s stand up for our town again. You can find a link to all of their email addresses at

PLEASE SHARE this with your own networks and ask people to make their views on this important topic known this week. Thanks.



4 thoughts on “Marg and Deb lay down the hammer!!!

  1. The author, Stu, makes no sense. The developer was issued a Site Plan Agreement under the previous council. The developer failed to PAY the Development Charges within the timeframe described in legislative terms. This failure caused the Site Plan Agreement and all subsequent permits to be withdrawn. The developer then took another kick at the cat with the more ‘lenient’ current council… with another, entirely new Plan. That Plan was also withdrawn and yet another Site Plan submitted.

    I must agree. A further extension should not be granted and the site remediated until market conditions favorable to some form of commercial/residential demand at that location returns.

  2. The “whole” 2008 and before story seems to be missing from the above. Obviously some “agenda’s” from previous times come into play here.
    That being said, I and many, many others are on the preverbial “other” side of the fence in relation to this point of view.

    • Stu, I’m not following you . Are you saying you are happy to leave this eye sore in place on the agenda and timetable of the developer? Any town in Canada would tell them to shit or get off the pot. Develop the land or make it safe and clean it up.

      • I think we have to agree to disagree on this.
        Knowing what the BS political, and minority special interest group BS that this project went through.
        You know what, what is the sense…

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