Collingwood – The Two Solitudes.

I have purposely sat back, listened, posted others letters and followed the situation with Admiral Collingwood Place and avoided posting my usual 10 cents (dollars) worth. I did a series of Collingwood Monopoly posts a year ago and have nothing else to add for now. However, I was thinking about it last night and I came up with the following:

(This might piss a few people off but what’s new.)

Some of you might not realize that The Admiral Collingwood Place site remediation agreement kerfuffle, is the latest skirmish in a long fought war between two groups that have two completely different visions of how this town should be run and how business should get done. Lets call them Group One and Group Two or “The Two Solitudes”.

Group One – Is the old guard. This group likes the status quo. They like there politics liberal and actually had a federal Liberal MP in there ranks for much of the nineties and the early oughties (Those were such heady days for this group). You don’t get to join this group it’s invite only. Our Deputy Mayor is part of the inner circle. Our Mayor is not. She is the ribbon cutting palatable face they have trundled out for us to vote for. The unpalatable face was too much even for some of Group Ones most loyal supporters. She has very little to say on any important decisions that get made. Chadwick is a good lieutenant in this group but his earlier meteoric rise has been stunted by his own egotistic habit of making himself way too accessible to the great unwashed of our town. Hence why you can no longer comment on his blog, which is now filled with bread making nonsense anyway. His Facebook page has gone from a place to go to get some insight in how Group One operates, to a de facto Humane Society advertisement. Also try commenting on his Twitter account. You will be blocked so fast it will make your head spin. The new rising star is Kevin Lloyd he has proved to be a good soldier, ruthless and efficient, they have big plans for Kevin. Look for him to run for DM or Mayor in 2018 if others are unavailable due to results of OPP investigation. Hurricane Sandy is a good foot soldier but often suffers from foot in mouth disease if the public are silly enough to vote him into the next council he will continue with this roll. Steve Assaff is also part of the inner circle of this group. There are many others who I won’t mention here. Most of you know who they are anyway.

Group Two – I will not mention any names with Group Two. But you must have had your head in a bucket these past few years to not know who I am talking about. This group comprises of a hodgepodge of fairly new arrivals (within 20 years) to town, they are professionals, real estate brokers, small business owners. They are intelligent and have a deep sense of right from wrong. This group I would describe as Red Tory or Social Conservative in their politics. They have been on the periphery of power in our town with the exception of 2006 – 2010 when they managed to mobilize enough people to change the direction of the 2006 municipal election. The problem was in this period enough of Group One was in the mix it ended up having the appearance of being extremely dysfunctional. This group is not as devious as Group One and thinks they can fight them by sticking to the Marquis of Queensbury Rules of Engagement. Let me know how that one works out guys. The unfortunate thing is Group 2 is full of very capable people that should be running for elected office in town, but politics is a dirty business and many of them don’t have the stomach for it.
This group is pinning most of its hopes on the current OPP investigation coming to a conclusion and decimating Group One forever. I personally won’t hold my breath. This group doesn’t actually know it is a group and that is part of the problem.

Up until a year or so ago, I identified more with Group One. I was uninformed and got my information from biased sources. For now I identify with Group Two. I would like to see what this group can do with some real power at town hall without the constant yapping of Group Ones attack dogs.

The following people are not part of either group:

Myself (Most of Group Two would not know me if they passed me on the street and I like it that way).
Steve Berman
Joe Gardhouse
Keith Hull
Sonny Foley
Ian Adams
Tim McNabb
John Brown (Thank God)
Mariane McLeod
Mike Edwards (Although you wouldn’t think so sometimes).
Dale West (Although you wouldn’t think so sometimes).
Kim Wingrove
Marcus Firman

This is a preliminary list only. Feel free to add/remove yourself or others to/from this list via the comment section. If I agree I will, If not I won’t. My blog my rules.


3 thoughts on “Collingwood – The Two Solitudes.

  1. The 2010 council was decimated by the voters speaking out on the single issue of where to locate downtown patios. It was a simple issue that everyone understood and an issue that got people heated because the politicians refused to vote for the common sense and “correct” solution.
    I predict that any extension of the “Assaff Pit” agreement will be the single issue that will get more than a few of this Council kicked to the curb in October.

    I bet that both Lloyd’s will jump to support the extension, but I predict no one would take that bet.

    I was astounded at the tone of Assaff’s letter to Council. It was high handed and demanding.
    I wonder why he thinks he can talk to Council in that tone?
    To me it sounds like someone who is very used to telling people what he wants done.

    • Prof they will vote to approve it and weather the storm. This time around the only thing that will change the current dynamic is the results of the OPP physically stopping certain people from running. That could change if Group Two gets its shit together and mobilizes.

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