Cooper Nation!!!

I received a late Saturday evening text a few weeks ago from a very good friend of mine. It went something like this:

Buddy: I am at a dinner party with some friends and we have a great idea for a blog.

Nobody: Ok you have my attention.

Buddy: It would be called “Cooper Nation”.

Nobody: And the premise would be?

Buddy: Like “Ford Nation” in Toronto it doesn’t matter what Cooper does in town, there are always the uninformed blind followers that will always turn out to vote for her in droves.

Nobody: True ……..

Buddy: You know she will get in again.

Nobody: Not necessarily…………..

This is interesting and I have given it much thought. I have myself embraced the “Nation” mantra a couple of times this past few weeks, most predominantly in my April Fools Day gag “Nobody Nation”(Thanks to everyone for the record 832 views that day).
“Cooper Nation” and “Ford Nation” do have some similarities here are some of them:

Both “Nations”:

1. Have the objects of their affections involved in ongoing police investigations.

2. Have uninformed voter bases.

3. Have tin ears when it comes their hero’s indiscretions.

4. Say it’s better than the alternatives.

5. Believe their heroes are just like them and not part of the political elites (Both are wrong)
6. Ignore (or just don’t follow) the inappropriate outbursts by there heroes in council chambers, when they are challenged by detractors.
7. Will never change their minds.

This is what you are dealing with ladies and gentleman and it will take a concerted effort by all none “Nation” voters in town to overcome this.

Sandra Cooper has never lost an election she has run in ………. neither has Rob Ford.


5 thoughts on “Cooper Nation!!!

    • As I have mentioned to you on a number of occasions in the past Steve, you have a very utopian view of how politics works. I fear you have a lot of disappointment ahead of you.
      My focus at present is to remove as many of the current “bloc” in council as possible on 27th October. My hope is that if a “bloc” replaces it, it will be more approachable and will very quickly see the error of its ways. Politics has been very dysfunctional in our town for many years (probably always) it will not be fixed over night. I believe that you running for council is a very good first step.

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