Ugh!!! Look what’s under that rock………….

Do you remember when you were a kid, playing out in the back yard and you turned over a rock and all the insects and creepy crawlies, that were having a party underneath, slither and crawl around looking for cover? That’s what the following reminded me of the other day when I read it:

I laughed out loud actually, because the ducking and diving by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor was hilarious. It brought to mind the Mayors purple housecoat interview in the now famous CBC expose from last year featured here:

As I said in my previous posts we are dealing with issues of morality here not technicalities. Our elected officials are supposed to be squeaky clean and should shy away from anything that has the slightest whiff of a conflict. What I find most galling is the arrogance our Mayor shows when these issues are brought to bare upon her. But I suppose when all she has to do is declare and the 3 or 4,000 lemmings I now label “Cooper Nation”, who are either: Ill informed, long time family friends, relatives, various hangers on. Or just prefer their politics done the way it has always been done in Collingwood. Will turn out and vote for her in droves.
I will bring to your attention the following statements made by our Mayor and Deputy Mayor that are being (how can I say this politely) a little “economical” with the truth and defy credulity:
“I didn’t ask what the cost of the ticket…. when I received the invitation,” As Mayor that would be the first thing I would ask.
“I didn’t know the value.” Took me around 5 seconds to find out. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the rules. This reminds me of the normal and usually unsuccessful defence when caught speeding “I didn’t see the sign”
“She was unsure why Compenso would have her as a guest”. She is obviously the only one in town that doesn’t know then. I would probably ask my brother before accepting.
And a couple of gems from the Deputy Mayor:

“I wouldn’t know, if I was invited to something, what the value would be,” Willful ignorance???
“We would get the meal, which would be a value less than $500; we’re not the ones who receive the tax receipt (for a political donation)… we probably got something worth $100 or less,” This was the statement that really brought to mind the creepy crawlies scampering for cover and gave me a good belly laugh in the process.

The following are a few statements that the two forgot to add in the EB interview:

I don’t even know who owns Compenso.

Paul who???

Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out Scoop .

Budget Schmudget!!! I had schmoozing to do.

Political lobbying company? I thought they did Italian catering.

My final word on this is: Do you want your local elected officials receiving favours or gifts like this from a local political lobbying company? Especially a lobbying company that is owned by the Mayors brother and was featured rather generously in last years CBC expose?

(Thanks to Scoop for bringing this to the forefront).


4 thoughts on “Ugh!!! Look what’s under that rock………….

  1. I am going to play devils advocate on this.
    Living in a lifelong conservative riding, in which Collingwood is, would you not want the Mayor or someone from council there? Especially since the “other” party runs the province. It opens doors to funding ie grants etc, etc from a provincial standpoint in which every other municipality in Ontario is going after. Do we not think they there? Having the opportunity to bend the ear of the Premier that has no associated cost to taxpayer, is immeasurable. Politics, especially from a provincial and federal level is about bending ears of people who make funding decisions. Whoever bends the most ears and is heard, ……. wins..
    So, either you allow the town to buy tickets at taxpayer expense, (which would cause an uproar, and boy would it cause an uproar) or allow a company to buy tickets and invite them, which has no effect on the taxpayer.( which apparently causes an uproar, with holier than thou people that don’t understand provincial or federal politics)
    At the end of the day, from a taxpayer standpoint, the funding is going somewhere, why not have someone at the table competing for it, rather than laying down and letting someone else have it.
    Honestly, from a business or political standpoint, I would want someone at that table, cause you get in the game. No table, no game…
    Devils advocate… That understands how funding works……

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