Let’s take a look at provincial funding –

Stu brought up some interesting points in my last post, so I thought I would investigate this a little further.
Below is a partial list of the capital projects from 2007 to 2010. As you can see there is over $16 million in provincial funding. I asked around and it does not include $800k used for the aerial truck for the fire dept. Nor the $1.2 million from Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for affordable housing projects.

The funds in the table were received without Carrier paying for or having someone else pay for him to attend a Liberal Party of Ontario fundraiser. I know this as a fact because he would not have been seen dead raising funds for the Liberals (he is a fully paid up member of the conservative party). I do understand that Stu was playing devils advocate. But you can be sure that someone was thinking along those same lines. So those of you thinking that attending these functions is the way things are done in order to receive funding. It is patently not the case.

Prov funding

My last comment on this situation is this: We all know what went on here. We have now shined a light on the sleazy back room schmoozing that has been happening for years. Next year Sandra hopefully you and your buddy Wynne will be voted out of office. Then you can receive as many tickets to Liberal fundraisers that you want. Or better still pay for them yourself.


8 thoughts on “Let’s take a look at provincial funding –

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  2. Nice job Nobody! Great points
    From a funding standpoint, was there anything special happening in that period of time? ie Infrastructure funding by the Feds vis a vis through the provincial government?
    Thinking global recession..

  3. Sometimes I get so tied up with this stuff, I cant see the forest for the trees. This Compenso situation has now taken up 6 posts.
    All Cooper and Lloyd had to do when this was first brought to their attention, was make a statement in council saying that in hindsight the optics of this were not good and in future they would bring all similar invitations of this type to council for approval. None of us could expect or hope for any more than that. That type of honesty and accountability is what all of us should demand from our local political representatives.

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