Nobody your an idiot because……….

Obviously many of you disagree with me on some or maybe lots of my commentary. Some of my most enjoyable reading is the writing of people that I fundamentally disagree with on many levels. Free debate and peoples right to voice their opinions is one of the pillars on a free and democratic society. I try to give dissenting commentary and opinion pride of place in this blog. I just don’t get enough of it.
As many of you know I am originally from the UK. I have spent more of my life now as a Canadian citizen than I ever did; as the Australians call those who grace the great island, a POME (Prisoner of Mother England).
One of the fundamental differences I find between political discussion in England (or UK) and Canada is Canadians seem to have a distinct aversion to offending anyone. If I were to write this blog in England I am quite sure I would be inundated with dissenters telling me I am talking out of my posterior.
A big part of why I pick on Chadwick. Is not because I think he is failing us as a municipal councillor(small part). Not because he in an arrogant pompous ass (small part). But because I used to be an avid reader of everything he used to write about local political scene. He would engage in political debate with many of his detractors in the comment section of his blog. He would justify decisions and comments he made in council. That’s why I voted for him on three occasions. He is now reduced to writing about things that have a very narrow reader base. ie Bread Making or Time to buy a new ukalalee. Safe topics that offer very little to his constituancy which I believe is the plan. He now seems to hate dissent or engaging with the great unwashed populace, even now when he is trying to get reelected. Now that takes some arrogance.
I liked the writing of “The Admiral” he would engage. I fundamentally disagreed with his politics on a provincial and federal level. He disliked Chris Carrier at that time, which I did also (leadership not the person). So I guess I shared that with both The Admiral and Chadwick.
It’s easier to write a blog when everyone showers you with fawning platitudes. Not quite as easy when you’re forced to stand up and be counted on what you have written. I personally love dissent. I love nothing more than a comment that starts with – Nobody your an idiot because…….. It must be my British background. You think the “Red Star” has a vendetta against Rob Ford. Try reading some of the Guardian commentary on Margaret Thatcher. Or some Daily Telegraph offed bits on Tony Blair a few years ago. That’s maybe where my sarcastic and sometimes abrasive writing style comes from. If you want a good example of a Canadian view on what should and should not be said in public look no further than the meanderings of Dick Hill who sticks his head out from the trenches occasionally, only to have it blown off with a deluge from yours truly and Enough is Enough. I appreciate what Dick Hill has to say, in fact I would give my very life blood for his right to say it, even though his premise seems to be we should all shut our pie holes and let our betters get on with the important business of running our town. At least he stands up to be counted.

As this space rolls through 100,000 views I want you all to know that this a place that welcomes dissenting views to my own. Please keep reading, posting, sharing and commenting on and about this blog. This is a place where all “Nobody’s” have a voice. Especially if that voice disagrees with me.


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