Nobody is good enough for Vladimir Putin but not Sandra Cooper.

Let me start this post by saying I am not a big Twitter user. I mostly use it to get a little more exposure to this blog. I have never really seen the point in it and I am way too long winded and wordy to get my point across in 140 letters. I was having a good laugh the other day with a buddy of mine because he was telling me some of the moronic stuff our mayor “Tweets” on Twitter.
So I said “That’s pretty funny I must follow her”. He said “Not so fast Nobody she has to approve you first”. Myself being rather naïve on these things was not aware that that is an option, I thought all you had to do was click “Follow” and that was it. I still didn’t believe that a Mayor in small town Ontario would not want the general populace to have full and open access to her pearls of wisdom. So I went back to my computer, opened up my Twitter account found our Mayor, clicked follow and got this:

Cooper on Twitter

That little box in the right hand corner means my request is pending. I will not be holding my breath on an approval any time soon. If you notice this Twitter account is not “Sandra Cooper, mother, wife, expert in calligraphic writing, collector of chamber pots”. In other words her own private Twitter account. It says Sandra Cooper – “Mayor of the Town of Collingwood” so she is running this account in that capacity. I am a resident of the Town of Collingwood and I actually voted for her, so how come I can’t get full and open access to our Mayors social media ramblings. (Can you ask her that please Scoop?)

You all must know by now, I love this kind of stuff. So I thought to myself “I wonder who else is on Twitter that blocks people from following them”. Let’s start with a couple of easy ones:
Steven Harper – If you believe the MSM he is the most secretive politician in our land. He runs a tight ship in terms of controlling the message that is put out to the great unwashed populace. Nothing is left to chance. Well it turns out I have been following him for over a year now.
Rob Ford – If ever there was someone who should control the message. He the great purveyor of “Foot in Mouth Disease” – Following him for 15 months.

Let’s make this a bit harder.

Vladimir Putin – Ex KGB controller. Villain of the west du la jour. Invader of Georgia, Crimea and about to send his armies marching across Eastern Europe. He must block a nobody like me. Nope just started following him 15 minutes ago.

Fidel Castro – Lider de la Revolucion du Cuba. Former President and Head of the Communist Party of Cuba. Cigar aficionado. Say it ain’t so Nobody??? – Yep following him as we speak.

This now gets hilarious:

Kim Jong-un – Yes that Kim Jong un!!! The one that fries anyone that criticizes his hair or his politics with a flamethrower. And divorces his wives by feeding them to a pack of hungry dogs. I’m his latest follower. (This one might be a fake as its tweets are in Spanish).

So there you have it; our Mayor controls her message tighter than the Prime Minister of Canada, Toronto’s hapless Mayor, the president of The Federation of Russia, ex-president of Cuba and lunatic child heir of the Democratic Republic of North Korea.

I have some Easter weekend homework for those of you that are on Twitter. Try and follow Sandra and comment below whether she allows you into her inner sanctum or not. (Don’t worry you can always un-follow her afterwards).


6 thoughts on “Nobody is good enough for Vladimir Putin but not Sandra Cooper.

  1. I got approved, but then I have never attacked the Mayor with deeply personal attacks or foul language as Mr Steve has

    • Come on Prof give me a break. She is the Mayor of our town, a small town in Ontario. Do a reasonable job and you will get minimal criticism. You are a smart guy do you honestly think she has done a reasonable job running our town???

    • That is the typical old boys club response Allan. Never take responsibility and always blame it on something, or someone else.

      Remember.our same Mayor partially blamed our #90 ranking in Moneysense on the weather.

      • Yes, if it was a personal account I would understand that you may wish to filter who has access to your friends and family. That being said if it is being used to communicate to others what you are doing in your public duties then you should not be blocking people especially if you are using the Town supplied blackberry or laptop to post your tweets or facebook posts instead of your personal phone or laptop. Now if people are not respectful i.e. using foul language or racially charged references of others than I have no problem with people being blocked but post a tweet saying hey I blocked so and so for abusive language.

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