Baby steps towards normalized booze sales in Ontario.

It is very rare that I give this council credit for anything. But in this instance I feel I must give them major kudos.

I did not attend last nights council meeting but there was one item on the agenda that I was watching closely through Scoops excellent Liveblog: Collingwood Town Council. Which you can find on the EB website and is the next best thing to being there. It was the motion to allow VQA wine sales at the local farmers market that is held in the parking lot in front of the Admirals Post every Saturday morning during summer. Council quite rightly voted unanimously to allow this to happen.

This is part of the provincial governments pacifier to try and direct our attention away from what I would call the “normalization” of booze sales in Ontario namely selling booze in all its forms in Loblaws, Metro et al.
I know that a few of you Nanny Statists will take umbrage at my use of the word
“normalization”, but I have traveled quite extensively around the world and Canada’s aversion to selling booze in any place other than state run outlets seems to be the only non Muslim country to continue on this 1920’s era prohibitionist plane.
We all know what this is about though don’t we? Its about controlling the revenue tool and the previously mentioned Nanny Stators who want to control every aspect of our lives. Like Barry Ward. Chair of the Board of Health who wrote the letter below. This is just an excerpt from it, I could only cut and paste so much of it but it gives you gist of what he is saying:

VQA letter

The above letter was sent to all the mayors and local town councils in Simcoe County. Basically what Barry is saying is we are incapable of making informed decisions on purchase and consumption of alcohol, on our own. We need the warm blanket of statism to protect us from ourselves.

Take a look at the following world health website:

A couple of things jumped out at me. The first was the UK. Home of binge drinking lager louts. Booze is available at all local supermarkets, high street “off licences”, booze emporiums, corner stores. Yet Britain has a lower death rate due to alcohol abuse per 100,000 citizens than Canada does. The second was the US. Most of you have been down there, so you know how available booze is. There is no difference between our countries death rate and in fact I noticed in a different study the US has a lower per capita yearly consumption of all different types of booze than we do in Canada. Alcoholism and abuse of alcohol has nothing to do with availability, a drunk will always find a drink. It has more to do with a genetic disposition to alcohol. So its about time our different levels of government started treating us like grown ups and letting us make our own informed alcohol consumption decisions.


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