Just the (real) facts please

After writing the following post the other day:


It sent me off on a bit of a tangent. I did a bit of online checking to see where this selling booze at corner stores is at these days. I found the following on YouTube:

Which I found to be so ridiculous I actually laughed out loud watching it. But I guess there are some Pinot Grigio sipping soccer moms that would look at this and think “Oh my God that’s right that’s exactly what would happen”. We’ll get back to that in a second.
This video is sponsored by a group called “Ontario Beer Facts” web site here:
And guess who is behind “Ontario Beer Facts”? The Ontario Beer Store of course. I also found online a survey that only 13% of Ontario residents were aware that The Beer Store is actually not a government run corporation. It’s owned by the following multi national companies:

Labatt Brewing Company (Anheuser-Busch InBev) – 49%
Molson Coors Brewing Company Ltd – 49%
Sleeman Breweries (Sapporo) – 2%

They are also allowed to profit (2012 figures) $700 million per year from this enterprise. So that should put this whole “Ontario Beer Facts” into perspective just a tad. Why would they want to spoil this monopoly? What I’d like to do is see what these three brewing giants would do if it was suggested that their (Canadian) products could only be sold in a similar fashion in other jurisdictions around the world. I have seen and bought Molson, Labatt and Sapporo (never Sleeman outside Canada though) in UK, US, Mexico, Germany, Costa Rica, Ireland and so on. They don’t seem to have a problem with the way their products are sold in other places. But here in Canada its verboten.
Back to that add above. I don’t smoke, but I am often stuck trying to pay for my gas behind people that look way over 18 years of age, getting carded and given the third degree as they try to buy a pack of smokes. So I suggest this YouTube video is being completely disingenuous.
One last thing. The real reason they don’t want you picking up your 24 at Loblaw’s has more to do with the following:
Pre-tax average price for 24-bottle packs of brands including Molson Canadian, Molson Dry, Coors Light, Budweiser and Bud Light were $25.95 in Quebec and $35.56 at The Beer Store in Ontario. Where do you think that $10 is going?

For a good unbiased overview of The Beer Store read this:



One thought on “Just the (real) facts please

  1. I thoroughly agree with you Mr Nobody. It is absolutely outrageous that there is no corner store in the vicinity of the Bunkertoad mansion where I can pick up my weekly tipple while out walking the dobermans.
    Like you, I have seen the hypocrites from Molson and Labatt trying to move their product through supermarkets, corner shops and gas stations in other countries. If they truly believe their own propoganda then the only logical conclusion is that they don’t care about foreign teenagers. Neither do I actually (I’ve never liked teenagers) but at least I don’t go around pretending to.
    These ‘brewers’ dont sell much abroad anyway because – lets face it – their beer is rubbish.

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