Chris Carrier is Running…….For Mayor of Collingwood

He is also running around 42km every week. But he is filing his nomination papers at 10am Monday morning for Mayor of Collingwood.
This has been one of the worst kept political secrets in town, but I have now been given permission to let you officially know. Hopefully this will open the flood gates and get the election campaign going. Good luck Chris.

Videos of Chris below:

I will be doing a few question and answer blog posts with Chris in the next few days.


17 thoughts on “Chris Carrier is Running…….For Mayor of Collingwood

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  2. I am so thrilled that Chris is running for Mayor, good for you Chris 🙂 Now, will somebody PLEASE step up to the plate for Deputy Mayor (consider this a challenge) 🙂

  3. He had his chance and blew it. Went to his head and he was a terrible leader. He should go back and run for Council again if he really wants back in. Just sayin’.

      • Sandra for one…for sure. You wouldn’t be writing about that hole on Hurontario and Hume if Chris hadn’t mismanaged it from the get go. Not to mention the massive debit incurred during is term. We don’t need more of him, thanks.

      • Jake take a look below Chris Carrier has responded to you directly in a comment. Why don’t you email him and he can address your concerns. The issues that you mention have been dealt with by me in previous posts. Its very easy to make quick drive by comments. Harder to get yourself informed. Do that then comment or keep spouting this current councils talking points.

    • Hi Jake if you are interested in asking about my record please contact me at I am certainly willing to listen to your concerns and try my best to address them. Thank you for participating in this blog as it is a good vehicle for the public to have their voices heard.

    • Hi S.Smith, to be perfectly frank I was very proud of the achievements of the Council from 2006-2010. I do feel there were some communication gaffs and as the Mayor I believe I own that responsibility. I would be willing to listen if you wish to send an email or have a coffee to discuss any concerns. is my email address. Thank you for your comment.

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