Mayoralty Race – This is what Nobody Says………….

So we finally have a mayoralty race on our hands. I have known for a month or so that Chris was intending to run. I actually did a post to try and force his hand into declaring earlier here:

That was obviously way above my pay grade. He had his reasons for delaying, some I found were valid, others I thought were political.

It has been suggested that I am “shilling” for Carrier and that I am openly supporting him. The truth is right now I am actually torn between him and Joe Gardhouse . Both present me with good reasons for supporting them and both leave me with reservations. But that is what elections are for. One thing is for sure I will not be supporting Sandra Cooper. Now that Carrier has declared she can go right ahead and declare herself (within 2 weeks I say).
Chris has been a mine of information when I have been doing research on things political in town, so as a person I have got to know him and I like him. That doesn’t mean I will follow him blindly into the mayors chair. He or Joe will have to earn my and hopefully your vote.

If you remember in this post here:

I said “From what I have seen of Joe he is a man of principal, he is not part of the clique that thinks it is their God given right to run this town, or that this town is his own personal ATM machine. I think he would make a fantastic Mayor of Collingwood and I wish him the very best of luck in this campaign.”

I still stand by that.

One thing I say to both of them: Stick to the issues, don’t get personal and lets have an interesting informative campaign.

I will do my best to provide you with any relevant information so that we can all make an informed decision on 27th October.


3 thoughts on “Mayoralty Race – This is what Nobody Says………….

  1. I agree that it is a fine thing to see two experienced candidates enter the fray. But which of them can best mend bridges and bring a sense of camaraderie to council in general? Remember that the last two councils (at least) have been somewhat fractious.
    If elected, I will suggest that we immediately embark on some kind of team-building event designed to bring harmony to the group.
    This reminds me of my time as administrator of the Madimba region many years ago. The local administrators had been at each others throats for years, so I suggested a jolly riverboat excursion to build understanding and togetherness. Unfortunately fighting broke out causing the boat to capsize and several guests died in the Mgali rapids, while one poor soul was eaten by a crocodile.
    Anyway, I maintain that the underlying idea was a good one. And I would imagine that very little could go wrong with a bowling evening, or a weekend at Blue Mountain.

    • “I maintain that the underlying idea was a good one. And I would imagine that very little could go wrong with a bowling evening, or a weekend at Blue Mountain”

      Good point. Lets send the lot of them to Madimba

  2. The most important decision we all should make

    Be it, the mayor candidate
    Be it, the deputy mayor candidate
    Be it, your councilor votes
    Be it, member of local school board

    Know the issues,

    Understand each candidate position on the issues

    Ask question about the issues

    The most important decision


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