Admiral Collingwood Place – Joe Gardhouse says………

I guess I was a little harsh on Joe yesterday. Now that four or five hundred of you are reading my drivel on a daily basis, my “drive by” critiques of people no longer go unnoticed. I will publish what Joe sent me below. Prior to that I want to say that I believe Joe should have abstained from voting on Monday evening in protest of the undemocratic way this thing has been handled since Deb Doherty started this fire storm 7 weeks ago. I believe Joe let himself get dragged into this charade and should have risen above it.
All of you know what this is about. It shines a light on how things work in our town. I can’t wait until these fools approve the 2 year extension and someone takes that approval to the OMB and we get our wedge issue for October. The other side of that could be because of public pressure Chadwick, West and Edwards fold their tent and vote against the 2 year extension and we see the developer clean up the site. We also see a split in the voting bloc on a major “meat and potatoes” issue which I am sure will have mayor consequences moving forward.

So for me this is a win win situation for the town.

Joe says:

Here’s the scoop & background on Monday night. Remember there was no motion on the floor not to extend & no way to get one on the floor since the mystery motion was immediately tabled…
Below was my answer to another enquirer….

I will be moving on the 29th not to extend & uphold the original agreement. ( by default this action is in place & is being moved upon)

Last night’s motion was not to extend or amend the existing… it was to create a whole new deal. A deal where there would be no obligation to fill the hole & a deal that wasn’t enforceable nor agreeable to any party. However there was 5 votes to pass it. The deferral was because only the 5 yes votes were allowed to see the motion prior to it getting tabled…. & the rest of us wanted to at least read it prior to discussing.

Here’s the motion as first read by council as a whole after the meeting last night. Attached is AV’s position…

THAT Council grant the requests for an extension for a period of two years for Admiral Collingwood Development Corporation (“ACDC”) and one year for Admiral’s Village Inc. (“AVI”) to the term specified in the existing Site Remediation Agreement (“SRA”), subject to the following terms to be substantially incorporated into the revised agreement be appropriately executed by the Mayor and Clerk,

a) That Council authorize the SRA be bifurcated into 2 separate agreements;
b) That each land owner provide the Town with a general comprehensive liability insurance policy in the amount of $10,000,000.00 in a form satisfactory to the Town, indemnifying the Town from any potential liability which may exist if the lands remain in their current condition the extended term;
c) That each land owner provide the Town with a letter of credit in a form and in an amount satisfactory to the Town and to keep the said letter of credit in full force and effect and pay all premiums to secure the boulevard remediation of the Town owned property adjacent to the subject properties;
d) That Council permit the electrical supply structure be relocated on the ACDC;
e) That the owners be required to secure the perimeter of the site including hoarding along the common boundary;



2 thoughts on “Admiral Collingwood Place – Joe Gardhouse says………

  1. I absolutely agree with you Mike, the elite five had time to form an answer while the rest of the council had to ‘wing it’. Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me, not anymore.

  2. The most disturbing statement here is that 5 of council were aware of motion prior to the meeting. I also believe that the town lawyer stated that this motion was the result of a meeting that included mayor, the DM and senior staff. So only part of council was made aware of these discussions regarding a significant issue. I think that this may be something for the Closed Meeting Investigator to look into. Another example of not following proper process.

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