Deputy Mayor plays fast and loose with the rules.

After a couple of months almost daily posts and barely being able to keep up with things, I found myself at a loss for something to write about over the weekend. So while I was going over my old notes and posts, I stumbled across the couple of posts that I did about Rick Lloyds Bed and Breakfast approval. I had heard through the grape vine that someone had appealed councils decision to approve the B and B to the OMB. For those of you unfamiliar with that “OMB” term it is short for Ontario Municipal Board which is the provincial department that oversees everything in Ontario in regards to municipalities. Within this organization there is what I can only describe as a sort of ombudsman that if a member of the public disagrees with a decision in terms of planning or zoning that a municipal council makes you pay $125.00 and you can appeal a councils decision. A little background for those of you unfamiliar with some of these terms.
Anyway I phoned and emailed around and within an hour got an update on the 9 Craigleigh Court status along with PDF’s and some other information. It seems three people have indeed appealed councils decision to allow this B and B. But what struck me about some of the paperwork that was sent to me is how our Deputy Mayor seems to have no problem playing fast and loose with rules and regulations that most of us poor saps follow without question. I will give you a few examples from the documentation that I was forwarded.
Apparently Rick Lloyd has converted the garage of the house into an ancillary completely self contained suite. In the very professional looking Century 21 real estate listing below:

You will see that this space is described as follows:

“Guest House” offers open concept with main floor and loft bedroom, plus patio doors to private deck.

The garage is separated from the main house as per picture below:

Llyoyds B and B

Also as you can see it still retains its garage doors (I wonder if that is to hide something???) The reason I make a point of this is, within the town of Collingwood, you can only convert a garage into living space if it is attached to the house structurally by sharing a wall with the house or if it is integral to the structure of the house.

Below is a screen shot of Rick Lloyds original building permit:

Lloyds B and B 2

If you notice someone (we don’t know who) has changed the garage on this building permit from Detached to Attached. No initial or date its just been scribbled out and changed.
Another thing that was amongst the information was a final inspection on the original 1996 house build which was not carried out until 2011, just before Rick Lloyd listed the house. Plus there was never a permit issued to convert the garage from a garage as shown on permit, into living space which when it involves electrical rough-ins and plumbing should have been fully inspected by the electrical safety authority and local building inspectors. Especially as this is not just a single family home now, it’s apparently going to be used by guests as a B and B.

I haven’t even got into the whole B and B thing yet and I know I only have your attention for a short period of time, so I will save that for another day. But as you can see from above Rick Lloyd has no problem bending the rules to suit himself or his own particular needs. As it stands right now he will be our next Deputy Mayor by acclaim if no one else steps up.


9 thoughts on “Deputy Mayor plays fast and loose with the rules.

  1. I looked at the Zoning By-Law. The garage does not meet the definition of attached.. Detached accessory buildings can be finished space but they are not permitted to be “dwelling units”, which include washrooms and kitchen which the guest house has. Detached “dwelling units” are commonly referred to as granny flats and they are not permitted by zoning. The fact this space has been converted, with no permit, no recent inspection, implies a illegal/non-conforming use for quite some time. The area does not have sanitary sewers – this may mean the septic system is undersized as well.

    Had the proper permits been in place, the taxation would increase. There appears to motive and opportunity. Reasonable to say that no one wants to pay more tax – we all have motive but we do not all have the same opportunity. The fact the guest house is hiding behind garage doors suggests an attempt to hide what is within the building. No final inspection suggests complicity between the town/owner….the town follows up on open permits, don’t they? A full going over of the permit and its associated paperwork would be quite revealing. A review of the MPAC property information would quickly determine if the assessment includes the guest house value or not.

    The OMB hearing won’t discuss the assessment/ taxation issues – they will only focus on the B&B use of the property. It will be interesting to see if there is some sort of formal town approval of this guest house use, and if the necessary permits and taxation reflects that approved use. If the use was approved, it will be even more interesting to see who approved it, and how that came about. I’ll kick in some cash for the next round of Freedom of Information requests.

      • MPAC assessment data says the house is 2200ft2, (excluding basement) same as the permit but I am 99% sure the garage is not part of the total permitted floor area/MPAC assessment, so tax has likely not been paid. Is anyone pressing this It is illegal to avoid non-payment of tax in this country. Shoot a note to the OPP to look into it? And what was that gibberish in the OMB hearing from the building department that the garage is attached? It is not attached but their very own definition it needs to share a common wall…not a breezeway. It can’t be legal unless a variance was obtained…..

  2. I noticed the number on the Permit is incorrect. In checking back in the minutes I noticed that the address should be 9 Craigleith Court. What implications if any does this have?????
    You are correct though, if any of us attempted to do that without all T’s crossed and I’s dotted we would have Mr. Plewes down our throats.

    • JAC Its a weird street I was out there on the weekend and the numbers are all over the place. I had a hell of a time finding his house. You bring up a good point though they managed to change the Detached to Attached but left the wrong address in place on the permit.

  3. The OMB hearing is public, if anyone wants to attend. The link to the OMB site is

    E-Status Case Details
    Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
    9 Craigleith Court ZBL 2014-014, Permit a B & B use Open PL140266

    Hearing and Decision Information
    Hearing Type Start Date Hearing Status Start Time Hearing Location Decision Type Decision Number
    Hearing 17 Jul 2014 10:00 AM Town Hall (Collingwood), Council Chambers, 97 Hurontario Street Collingwood ON L9Y 3Z5

  4. Is anyone surprised? This can’t go on .Please someone step up.As things stand we will loose either Chris or Joe.One as mayor and one deputy would work but it is probably not in the cards now.

  5. O.M.G. .. can’t be accurate , is it possible ? .. it would just be all too shocking!! , .
    …regretfully , lee

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