SRA gets extended for 18months. Or maybe not……….

Fred astaire

I haven’t seen such a display of tap dancing since Fred Astaire danced his way across the silver screen in “The Sky’s the Limit”. We members of the audience were even clapping, cheering and booing on queue.

It was very entertaining actually. When you know the motivation behind what is going on it gets really humorous.

A quote of the night came from a commenter “WOW” on Scoops live blog:

“Why is enforcing the existing agreement not even up for discussion? What is the impetus and REAL business/community case for extending the agreement? Lots of wishful thinking and backtracking because the securities were negotiated away by people that should have known that as a government they can’t MAKE development happen. Amateurs. It’s a contract, it’s the way mature big-people communities run things.

And Joe Gardhouse who stated the obvious:

“All these arguments go to not extending the agreement at all.” (which draws applause from the crowd). “If the town had taken the position that not extending the agreement, the two landowners would have already got together, “We’re going to table a motion that is non-binding on nobody, which is ridiculous. Let them come to us…”

Followed very closely by Keith Hull:

“The Town holds all the cards. Yet they are acting like they owe someone something and need to make it better. Development of any kind is a risky business proposition. They did all they could (and then some) as a council. Now it’s time to accept that it is their responsibility to the citizens to make it right. That’s why the agreement was signed by ALL parties. They agreed to a course of action a long time ago.
“The reality is… we’re talking about something that is year’s out, and given that time frame, we owe it to the people of Collingwood to remediate the site.”

So council voted tonight in a recorded vote 5 – 4 to extend the site remediation agreement for 18 months until 31st October 2015. But here’s the kicker Scott Strandholt has to agree with it as well, which apparently he is not likely to do. In all the commentary that I have been making on this subject I failed to realize that for the council to extend the agreement they need all three parties to be on board. That is what all the tap dancing is about. The famous 5 are trying to do a solid for their buddy but Strandholt is getting in the way. The only party in this triumvirate that is acting for the best interests of the public is actually Scott Strandholt. He wants his half of the site leveled, hydro seeded and fenced off from his delinquent neighbor.

So for next week’s council meeting Joe Gardhouse is tabling the following motion:

WHEREAS the property owners of the Admiral sites are in noncompliance with the current Site Remediation Agreement and recent negotiations with the owners have failed to find agreement within the Planning Report 2014-15 recommendation of the terms of a potential extension;

AND FURTHER THAT our Town solicitor has advised that any amendment to the existing agreement is nonbinding unless all parties agree;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Planning Report 2014-15 recommendation #1 be implemented and enforced thus not extending the existing SRA.

Here is what this means in layman’s terms. Scott Strandholt is apparently sick and tired of the bad press he is getting and the intransigence of his neighbor Steve Assaff. So he is highly unlikely to agree to extending the agreement to 18 months.
So the above motion forces Cooper, Lloyd, Lloyd, Chadwick and Cunningham to either support enforcing the SRA as it stands. Or continue with the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers routine.

This was more entertaining than a night out at the movies.


8 thoughts on “SRA gets extended for 18months. Or maybe not……….

  1. How much does it cost to fill? Can real professional give us a real estimate?

    Just a guess…

    Lot size, 85×100 8500 sq. yards by 10 yards deep.

    The total fill 85000 cubic yard. What does a dump truck carry? 12 cu. yards so, we are looking roughly at 7000 truckloads. Even at 100 loads per day we are looking at 2 month to fill the hole. The cost 7000 times $100 per load (truck and driver) $700,000. Fill cost, $200 per load so $1,400,000. There the problem! Mr. Assaff spends the $1,400,000 he receives from temporary gravel pit. Could the problem be finding the $2,100,000 to fill the hole?

    This leaves us with a second problem. If town fills the hole, how does it get the money back? If the Fifth/ Maple property is worth $1,200,000, how much is Hume and Hurontario worth?

    Here’s a solution! Build a parking garage cover it with grass if Mr. Assaff ever finds his make believe investors and condo buyer he’ll have his garage already build

  2. FYI – the first parts of the comments you attributed to Joe and Keith were both submitted by a person watching the online script supplied by Ian Adams – Unless they then read them out loud during the meeting, they were not quotes from these Councilors. Although I am sure they would not disagree.

  3. This “night at the movies” deserves a Razzie. Wow summed it up in one word….”amateurs”.

    So they dither and propose to extend 18 months to the end of October….then of course, NOTHING will happen then since winter. Recall the existing SRA April 30 date was picked to allow work to immediately commence if the date lapsed.

    What are they going to do? Fill the hole with snow?

      • At present we have one acclaimed Deputy Mayor ,4 of 7 present Council running in slate of 8. ..Math say nothing will change in October>>> However … we still have few months for more nominations….Hint

  4. I have followed the Admiral Collingwood and Admiral Village process or lack thereof for years and more recently have attended all of the Council meetings wherein the Site Remediation Agreement (SRA) for Hume and Hurontario Street has been kicked around night after night to no avail. The fact that enforcing the SRA has never so much as entered into the discussion shows a blatantly patronizing attitude by five specific members of Council (including the Mayor) towards one party, the developer of the now defunct Admiral Collingwood Place. Despite several pleas from the lawyer representing the developer of Admiral Village Inc. along with strong support from the community to remediate the site, the “Defiant Five” (S. Cooper, R. Lloyd, K. Lloyd, I. Chadwick and S. Cunningham) chose to ignore the will of those they have been elected to serve. I cannot remember when I last witnessed such a flagrant abuse of authority and a clear example where the application of sound business judgment in the decision making process has lost out to partisan politics. Hopefully these actions will serve as their death knell come October 27th and those of us sincerely concerned about the well being of this great community will be given the chance to govern in such a manner as to secure a more promising, less biased future for us all.

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