Where is that map of Alberta?

I was sitting down at the pier early this morning having a tea. Strangely enough the sun did actually rise again. I was up late last night watching the provincial election coverage, not sure why, it was a done deal from about 9.20pm onwards. I think I was hoping to hear something from Kathleen Wynne that would give me a shred of hope that the fiscal future of this province was after all in safe hands. But alas not, she stated quite clearly the financial insanity will continue. None of that “Campaign from the left and govern from the center nonsense with Kathleen”. I don’t think even she was expecting the complete and utter collapse of the conservative brand.

Locally, it was a good night for Jim Wilson which as usual will leave us out in the cold on provincial largesse. I assume by the local result that at least a few of you are similar to me, being that you are fiscal conservatives. I believe on a provincial basis it is time for conservative minded people to have a period of introspection. The agenda has now been beaten in the polls on three occasions when the right leader with the right message should have beaten the Liberals quite handily all three times. If you think back to 2011 provincial election it was quite obvious Tim Hudak was unelectable then, so why was a leadership review not implemented immediately after that election, whether he wanted to step down or not? That election he was Dalton McGuinty – wishy-washy with no plan. This election – more to the right of Mike Harris and again with no plan.

Most Ontarians are centrist and fiscally responsible in their politics. I believe a lot of people that voted for Kathleen Wynne have no idea what they voted for yesterday. Hudac failed to ask the relevant questions. Plus with the firing of 100,000 provincial employees and create a million jobs nonsense, took the fight away from the Liberals and focused all the attention onto himself, and his own inept leadership. I even had a bit of a problem voting for him for God sakes. I sat at the table with pencil in hand and seriously contemplated voting Green.

Things to watch for in the next month or so: A downgrade in Ontario’s credit rating. A very quiet end to the gas plant scandal. An increase in deficit projections. A roll out on when the budget will be balanced.

Moving forward my mantra will be if you can’t beat them join them, so I will be looking at my own ways of benefiting from this latest turn of events, in the provinces political future. No one else seems to be worried about it, so why not just jump in the pool and enjoy the party. When the party is finally over I have proved in the past that I can up sticks and move to a different more financially friendly jurisdiction, this time will be no different.

Now where is that map of Alberta…….


2 thoughts on “Where is that map of Alberta?

  1. Municipal act 2001 Power part2 section 8-23.5
    I don’t see anything in the act restricting council power until the new council is sworn in (November).

    If you look at the American system of 2 term president during the “lame duck” period. This is usually the period when president do all the simple but sometime controversial items on their agenda. i.e. Presidential pardon, approval of international agreements

    Off topic but as inform voter I would like to know the following from each of our candidate

    Question for candidates

    What are your main objectives for the town over the next 4 years? (Especially Mayor Candidate)
    What areas of capital spend do you see as necessary?
    What are your economic development plan ideas?
    Gambling in Collingwood, How do you plan to handle this issue? , Would you agree to referendum? What about the cost if yes
    Campaign funds from major mover and shaker in town are land developers, engineering, companies, lobbyists and construction companies directly and indirectly contribution to campaigns .Which of these have contributed to your campaign? How much?
    What are the 3 major departmental expense of local government? How do you plan to control these expenses?
    Given we have $10,000,000 (amount?) left from Collus sale. What would be your plans for these funds?
    Since nothing get done unless you get the magic 5. What is your opinion on voting block?
    What are your plans to encourage development?
    The town major eyes sore are: Shipyard, Admiral, and High St. /Third. If the town enforces development contract it could slow these development even further. What solution do you offer to these eyes sores?
    If a member of council quits before the end of term. How would you suggest their seat be filled until end of standard 4 year mandate?
    The present system is first 7 past the post win a seat on council. Do support the present system or suggest a change to a ward system found in Clearview Township?

    Please add more questions…

    Fill in the hole
    Clear up water front
    Bring more business to Collingwood

    These are topic not solution to the problems in this Town

    It always surprises me; the level of government that most like to affect the person on the street (local government) is the level of government that garnishes the lowest voter turnout. Cast your democratic right VOTE, if you want to complain about our next local council, VOTE… as we all will no matter who gets in… its human nature

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