Collingwood Municipal Election Update – Deputy Mayor position.

I am very pleased that Brian Saunderson stepped up to run for the Deputy Mayors position. He is exactly what I was preaching about in this post from early last year:

When I said in the above post “We need some younger, honest, motivated individuals to step up and run for town council next year”. Brian fits that description nicely.
Before I talk more about Brian, let’s take a closer look at his incumbent opponent Rick Lloyd:

Even if Rick Lloyds tenure as Deputy Mayor was as clean as a whistle (we all know it wasn’t) I still could not support him. He’s been around for way too long. Elected as councillor 1985, 1988, 1994, 2000, 2003. The only time he hasn’t been hanging around town hall was in 1991, 1997 and 2006 when fortunately he ran unsuccessful Mayoralty campaigns. If Lloyd had a “Sell By Date” tattooed to his neck it would read “Best Before October 2006”. Chadwick was waffling about term limits in municipal politics, on his blog the other day. Obviously the pompous, preening Chadwick is against them, because he has worn out his own welcome (that’s a story for another day). I couldn’t slog my way through all his justifications (as usual it was a twenty minute read) on why we should be honoured with his and Lloyds presence at the council table until they both deem otherwise. These two are the poster boys for term limits. In all political positions most people eventually run out of ideas. I think that we should have a three term limit in municipal politics (another story for another day). If that was the case we might have Brian fighting it out with another new dynamic person with some new ideas. Instead we have some of the same old tired names on the ballet paper.

As I mentioned above DM’s tenure has not been as clean as a whistle. Some examples for you to ponder: Bid tampering phone calls about the grain terminal sale, which led to an OPP investigation. Private conversations with representatives of Sprung Structures long before the deal was put before council. At this point he tells those same representatives no need for the security shield and hides this from council. Then the sole sourcing of the contract has his greasy fingers all over it. Then in his personal life he pushes through a Bed and Breakfast application that none of his neighbors agree with and actively protest against. Then in the course of the OMB appeal we find out that he has illegal accommodation in his garage which the local building department decided to conveniently ignore. I could say more but I only have your attention for a short while.

Compare the above to Brian Saunderson. Olympian, Rotarian, involved with United Way. Lawyer (some of you might think that’s a negative not me), community organizer. Former chair of the Central Park Steering Committee (Lloyd and co completely ignored this committees recommendations). Vice chair of the board of E3 Community Services. The list goes on. I haven’t met Brian yet but everyone I have asked about him has told me that his integrity is unquestioned, his work ethic boundless, his commitment to making this a more inclusive, more dynamic community is quite transparent.

If the voters of this town choose Lloyd over Saunderson, I will take my laptop down to the pier and throw it into Georgian Bay. Actually I take that back, I don’t want to give you any concrete reasons to vote for Lloyd.

I am obviously supporting Brian Saunderson for Deputy Mayor.


One thought on “Collingwood Municipal Election Update – Deputy Mayor position.

  1. MPAC database does not reflect the garage as “finished space” so the property is under assessed. Property taxes appear to have have been “avoided” through an what could be an illegal building process.

    I call upon Mr Lloyd to declare that he did or did not obtain the required building permits for this “finished space” in the garage.

    If he did not, I call upon him to pay his back taxes to the town/county/education board for all of the years the taxes have been avoided.

    Or resign his candidacy for re-election.

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