Collingwood Municipal Election Update – The Councillors

We’ve dealt with the Mayor and the Deputy Mayoral races. Now it’s time to talk about the race for council seats.

I’ll start by saying I have had email and verbal conversations with all non-incumbent councillors with the exception of Cam Ecclestone. Cam and I had agreed to meet at his office just after he declared. I arrived at that meeting on time. he was not there, his office was locked and lights were off. He did not return my email enquiring about what had happened to him. You can form your own opinions in regards to Cam, based on my experiences I will not be voting for him. Also at the time of this writing I received a blog from Ian Adams announcing that Gail Michalenko is filing papers for a councillors position. That is not officially on the towns web site yet and I know very little about Gail, so I will not be commenting on her in this post.

So that conveniently leaves 8 people that have declared, 4 incumbents and 4 non-incumbents. So in the order that they declared I will do 4 head to head grudge matches between incumbents and non.

Kevin Lloyd vs. Deb Doherty.

I have expended a lot of electronic ink on both these candidates over the past year or so.
My original handle for Kevin Lloyd was “Empty Suit” that was because my previous uninformed opinion was based on my own personal dealings with him. “Empty Suit” was a reference to the fact that I thought politically he had no substance. Since that time my opinion has changed. He is quite the wily political animal. I just checked the 2010 election results he got the second highest amount of votes in that election (behind Mike Edwards), quite a feat for a non incumbent councillor. I do believe that out of all the incumbents he will be back on council next term. My basis for this is because out of the 4,336 votes that he got last time around enough have not been paying attention and he will scrape through. Some of Kevin’s notable moments: I can’t remember a time when he voted differently from the Mayor or Deputy Mayor or even out on a limb on any issue. A big fan of the rec tents. The motion he put forward to try and drag a private citizen in front of council to explain an online poll is one of his highlights, then his nerve failing him a week later as he withdrew the motion, one of his low lights. He was also the person behind the new economic development office at town hall. We will see if this creates even one job or if it ends up being just another forum for gab fests. I actually hope he does get in, because he will continue to provide me with endless material for this blog. I will obviously not be voting for Kevin Lloyd though.

Lets compare the above with Deb Doherty. I think Deb would be a welcome addition to the next council. I also believe that she will make more of a difference than her earlier appearances on council. My reasoning for this is age and experience have seasoned her as a politician. An example of this was the letter to council about ACP site, what a shiite storm that started, it was great politics and I am sure it garnered her more than a few votes. Her contributions to Vision 2020 and being chair of VOTE will stand her in good stead for the next term. If I have one concern with Deb, depending on the make up of the next council she might be prone to some block voting. But that’s where I come in :). I will be voting for Deb.

Look how this one played out. Absolutely perfect!

Chadwick vs. Berman.

This should be a post all on its own. In the near future I will expand on this grudge match.

This time I will start with the non-incumbent Berman. I will wager up until 20 months ago many of you had not heard of Steve Berman. I knew Steve to say hallo to prior to that time, because we have sons who are of similar age and used to play together. Steve stormed onto the local political scene with his blog Enough is Enough. My own personal opinion was and still is that Steve planned on running for council summer 2012. I have no idea why he came up with that long winded story on how he got to name his Facebook page but he had political ambitions long before this past February (deny it all you want Steve. Talk to the hand). I guess it doesnt his declaring came about, politics will never be the same again in Collingwood. He is a walking talking example of a populist. I never told Steve this story: I was in the Admirals Post last summer on the patio having a few beers with some buddies, we got chatting local politics to some twenty something girls dressed in punk type regalia. Much to my chagrin, none of them had read any of my nonsense. One of my buddies mentioned Steve and the girls said “Oh yeah Steve Berman he rocks” and “Berman’s cool”. Steve will get into council, I have no doubt about that. Take a look at his followers on Twitter and Facebook hundreds of them. I’m scratching around in the forties. My only concern is will Steve change how politics is done in Collingwood or will politics change Steve? I will be voting for Steve.

What a comparison Berman and Chadwick. Berman doesn’t have a pot to piss in. His 10 year old daughter is his campaign manager. His wife edits his blogs, opinionated, self depreciating, morally incorruptible, every time I see him he looks like he just slept in the cloths he is wearing. Against Chadwick, arrogant, polished, wordy, long winded, vindictive, pompous, elitist. I could keep going and never run out of descriptive or expletive words to describe him. I have written page after page on Chadwick, I’m not sure why, but he really bugs me. Maybe because whenever I have had the chance, I have voted for him, and hell hath no fury like a disgruntled ex- voter. You all know his “accomplishments” as a councillor, so at the risk of this post turning into a Chadwickian “novel post” I will just say that I will not be voting for Chadwick. Although I hope some of you do, because like Kevin Lloyd he is the mother load in terms of blog fodder.

Part 2 on the councillors, in the next day or so.


5 thoughts on “Collingwood Municipal Election Update – The Councillors

  1. A few corrections.

    1. My wife edits my blog, not my daughter.

    2. My daughter Maddie is my campaign manager. She has stood face to face with some of the incumbents, and told then exactly how she feel.

    3. I don’t wear clothes in bed

    4. If you truly believe that I had been planning to run all along, then I was lying to you for several months, and for that reason alone, you shouldn’t vote for me.

    Good blog. Keep them coming….

    • HaHaHa I knew this blog would get a reaction from you. I will make a couple of corrections. I don’t think for second you were lying to me. But whether you knew it yourself or not this run for council was always on the cards. Also I didn’t say that you slept in your clothes. I said you LOOKED like you slept in your clothes, it wasn’t meant as an insult, it’s part of your charm Mr Rockstar!!!

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