Collingwood Municipal Election Update – The Councillors Part 2

Continuing from my previous post we have 2 more grudge matches:

(Hurricane) Sandy Cunningham vs. Rick Crouch

Hurricane Sandy received that moniker from me from the following posts last year:

He’s been a little quiet this past six months or so. A funny little quirk of Hurricane Sandy is his penchant for staring out at the audience at council meetings. I used to find it a bit disconcerting and would avoid his steely glare at all costs. Now I embrace it and actively try to catch his eye then challenge him to a who can blink first contest. I always win because he has to get back to seeing what his other 4 voting pals are doing. I’m shocked he’s running for a second term. I thought after he got his legacy fire hall he would move on. Maybe he’s started to believe his own spin that he and his pals have actually served this community well these past 3 1/2 years. Same as Kevin Lloyd I can’t think of one constructive thing that he has brought to the table. He has rubber stamped every controversial vote and is only there to make up the numbers. You guessed it, I am not voting for Hurricane Sandy………

………When I have Rick Crouch on the ballot. Rick was preaching from the pulpit about the woes of this current council long before I jumped on the bandwagon. It seems every time I go to a council meeting he is there at the back listening intently to the proceedings and studiously taking notes. He has been a successful realtor for many years around the Collingwood area and has volunteered for numerous local bodies including Collingwood Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors with two terms as Treasurer. He seems to have a good grasp of process and finance, I would almost call him a policy wonk. Rick will be his own man and will never succumb to block voting. He would be an excellent new addition to the next town council. I will be voting for Rick.

Dale West vs. Kathy Jeffery

I am not going to rag on Dale too much. I have talked to a few people that know him and he is apparently a decent person. He has been on the wrong side of a few votes but on the right side of others, so that suggests to me he is somewhat his own man and not in anyone’s pocket. If I have 6 names crossed off and I am looking for a final seventh it may very well be Dale’s name that I put an x next to.

I posted this:

On my VFAN Facebook site a couple of weeks ago. A few minutes later the following appeared:


Every single one of those names above that ran for positions were trounced in the 2010 election.

Kathy Jeffery ran for Mayor and should have got a lot closer to Sandra Cooper than she did 964 votes against 5702 votes and Kathy didn’t even make second she was behind relatively unknown (politically speaking) Mike Young. I believe the patio debacle was the main reason she was so badly punished in the poles. In the previous election (2006) she garnered the second highest amount of votes as a councillor, so she definitely had the base. In hindsight (I voted for Cooper) Kathy would have been a much better choice than our current Mayor ended up being, but that’s all history now. I can only hope that Kathy learned from this and next term if elected listens more to the people that elected her. She has the experience and integrity to make a very good third term councillor. Again I do have concerns with her about block voting, if the council lines up the way I think it might.

I will be voting for Kathy.

If Keith Hull ever gets his work situation sorted and declares. I will do a Keith Hull vs. Gail Michalenko grudge match at that time.


One thought on “Collingwood Municipal Election Update – The Councillors Part 2

  1. You WILL vote for Jefferies??
    Did you watch the last Council over 4 years?
    I sincerely hope that I misread that.
    Kathy is NOT a listener.
    Remember seeing here freak out on Sandberg on Rogers cable because…..

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