Time for the OPP to clear the air.

I just realized it’s now 16 months since it was announced on various media outlets, that the OPP anti rackets branch were conducting an investigation into certain members of Collingwood Council and others closely connected with them. Since that flurry of activity which occurred around those early days in March 2013 the rumour mill and speculation has been rampant. I’ve spoken to a few people that have been interviewed in regards to this investigation. Most of those people were pretty tight lipped about what was discussed. What I was told was on the condition that I did not blab about any of it on this blog. That’s why this perpetual “blabber mouth” has also been very quiet on the subject. Officially the general populace has been kept pretty much in the dark for much of the 16 months.

I believe the time has come for the OPP to make a statement on where this investigation is at. We are four months out from a municipal vote with a shadow still being cast on an incumbent Mayor, an incumbent Deputy Mayor and an incumbent member of council; all running for re-election. I believe the closer it gets to voting day now, any announcement can be labeled as political interference whatever the conclusion is.

I personally would like to see the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and three other council members removed from council by the voters of this town, not because of rumour and innuendo in connection with an incomplete OPP investigation. I guarantee that’s the picture that will be painted on the 28th October if this has not been concluded by that time. There was plenty of evidence in the public domain to conclude that even if some of these people had not acted in a criminal nature, they had certainly acted with a complete lack of ethical thinking and standards, which I believe should be enough to send them packing.

So whoever is responsible for these types of decisions in the OPP it is time to raise the veil of silence that has surrounded this whole affair since March 2013 and clear the air. So that this election can commence on its own merits.


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