Elvis should pay for his own peanut butter and banana sandwiches!!!

I posted the following September last year.

It’s time to start having a grown up conversation about the Collingwood Elvis Festival. This year it lost another $40,000.00 which the citizens of Collingwood have to pony up for.

I have no problem with the festival continuing to be hosted by our town. Where I do have a problem is the town picking up the slack when it loses money. It should be self-supporting and run like a business. If it is so important to the local economy then let the people who benefit from it pay the tab; i.e. local hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, rentals etc. Because most of us people that actually live here find it a major pain in the arse. By Sunday evening of this awful weekend, I am just about ready to stick a red hot poker in my ear, after another toneless rendition of “Return to Sender” wafts across my back yard.
Let’s look at this another way. I did a post back on 13th August here:


I showed in that post how much money Collingwood United Soccer Club brings into Collingwood on the first two weekends of June with their rep boys and girls soccer tournaments. I would hazard a guess that it brings in as many if not more people and revenue into the local economy than the Elvis festival does and causes the local populace a lot less aggravation. On top of that CUSC pays the town $37,000.00 in user fees over the summer for field rentals so the club is a net contributor to the towns coffers. Can you imagine the outcry if the EB then ran a story saying the town would be coughing up $40,000.00 to cover losses generated by this soccer tournament and quite rightly so.
Chadwick originally had the right idea about this gag inducing festival back in 2004 read this:

elvis and numbers

I am not sure when it happened but he has now found religion on Elvis and has developed into one of its biggest backers. Maybe his pals on council told him that that is now the accepted way of thinking.
One last thing, because of the gradual declining demographic of the people that visit these Elvis events the decision to eventually end this festival will be made for us. Every year the hair gets greyer, the walkers more abundant and the attendees more wrinkled. Make it pay for itself and see how long it lasts.


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