Bloc voting council members show support for their pal.

Rogues Gallery

Steve Berman mentioned this on his Enough is Enough Facebook page and I was thinking the same thing when I saw the above picture in the Enterprise Bulletin story late last week here:

The above picture sums up exactly how things work in the political system at present in Collingwood. What amazes me is the blatant cronyism and nepotism on clear display. They aren’t even trying to have the appearance of impartiality when it comes to Mr. Assaff.
Let me explain: In the picture we have Mr. Assaff in the blue shirt who refuses to clean up his abandoned construction site on the corner of Hume and Hurontario. On the shovel to the right him our enabling Mayor, to the left our compliant Deputy Mayor. Then at the end Cunningham, Chadwick and throw in for good measure Kevin Lloyd to the right behind the mayor. That is your voting bloc folks. That is the reason for many of this towns political woes including blocking the site remediation of the Admiral Collingwood Place site that the public made quite clear it wants cleaned up. Mike Edwards is also there but he must have been accidently put on the email invite list because he is definitely not part of this elite group. I know for sure that Keith Hull and Joe Gardhouse were not invited to breath the same rarified air as the gang of 5 voting block, for this photo op.
Also they celebrate the development of this prized piece of real estate at the gateway of our downtown that will be a pharmacy, a bank, more empty office space and more black top parking spaces. A development that would look right at home on the main drag of Brampton (see picture below). In the meantime you still cannot sit and have a beer, a coffee or a meal on the waterfront of this town. Most of the time I forget that Collingwood is even on one of the most beautiful fresh water lakes in the world. Think about it, we have a Court House (Assaff owned) a Sobeys (facing away from the water) and now a bank, a pharmacy and yet more offices on our beautiful pristine water front.
But what the hell Mr. Assaff eventually got his major financial institution and pharmacy commercial tenants, so I guess it’s all good.


12 thoughts on “Bloc voting council members show support for their pal.

  1. What is the policy for only select people from Council being invited to an event? It’s not like “individuals” were invited. In effect it was the equivalent of a quorum of Council (with very specific “representatives of the public” not invited – with the Mayor’s assistance). What was the Mayor’s reason (cheap excuse) for this?

    • Keep in mind that this group of Councillors also attended the public “rally” in support of Mr A’s other project at the Leisure Time Club, making that meeting a quorum of Council… and yet non of them (not even Mr nit-picky) made note of that at the time. Oddly, nor did Scoop, who was tweeting about who was there… Imagine the uproar if the previous members of Council had done such a thing relating to a pending application that they were reviewing—> at least the outcry would have been warranted, whereas the silence directed at this group is not.

  2. Why are councilors EVER at “groundbreaking” events for private development?!
    Their role is to review/approve applications, create policies and by-laws, enforce regs. If the municipality is not a partner in a project, I don’t think they have any business being there.
    And NO, photo ops are not economic development!

  3. Quite a while ago, I asked Ian Chadwick about the court house building owned by Assaff, he told me that the court was renting part of that building. The question I asked was “why doesn’t the Town consider buying the building and putting the fire, police, ambulance and marine unit into it ” The only thing Chadwick could say was that it was rented by the court and I told him that the court could move into any one of the many empty buildings in town. Ian Chadwick chose to BLOCK me in lieu of an answer and the new fire hall was built….and part of the kids park was taken away from them. Now, once again, they are all smiles as Assaff builds another building, which I hope he finishes. I grew up with the rule that ‘you don’t start a project unless you have finished the one you have on the go’. I will miss seeing the water,it would have been nice to sit down there with friends and look out at Georgian Bay….

  4. Developers just want to make money and so do the politicians……gotta pay for those re-election signs don’t cha know.

    And to not invite your fellow councilor to the silver shovel ceremony, well, we are running against each other….and if I can get my face/name in the paper then all the better for those name recognition votes.

    The waterfront does not vote….

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