“NEVER AGAIN” – Again???

I am off on a tangent again. You’ll have to bare with me. It happens occasionally, a world event, political‎ situation, perceived injustice, (Ian Chadwick), something peeks my interest and I’ll spend days or even weeks reading about, watching obscure videos, searching Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia for anything relevant to the subject du jour. My current obsession is with the Islamic State. I have even started following one of its members on Twitter – Abdullah (a charming fellow). My daughter came home from work the other night‎ and said “Dad, you’re not watching another Arabic documentary again?” Guilty as charged!

From what I’ve been reading so far it seems this current situation in Iraq and Syria is different from anything we’ve seen since the Nazi’s started marching across Europe. This group has made no secret of the fact that they want to create an Islamic worldwide caliphate and they will use any method, no matter how barbaric, to make a means to that end. The major thing that is completely different about this group is in the past, war crimes, are usually carried out in a desolate farmers field somewhere and usually the perpetrators take great pains to hide their handiwork. The Islamic State is the complete opposite to this, they like to post their atrocities on Twitter (or a handy iron fence post) for the whole world to see, because they just don’t care. They have a medieval mind set, fighting a 21st century war. They are firmly entrenched in parts of Northern Iraq and Syria and for the first time since the Ottoman Empire days much of the border between the two countries has ceased to exist. There is no country or entity with the exception of Iran (just as bad), in the region that has the capacity to stop the spread of this group and its ideology.

I was watching the above the other night. It is a documentary by Vice News on the Islamic State. (Don’t worry no decapitations). Gives a very interesting and rather frightening insight into this terrorist group.

What amazes me about our modern western society is its collective inter-generational ‎ability for amnesia. After the Second World War genocide of the Jews we collectively said “NEVER AGAIN”. Then after the genocide in Bosnia we said “NEVER AGAIN”. Rwanda we said “NEVER AGAIN”. Darfur you guessed it “NEVER AGAIN”.
The second largest city in Iraq, Mosul has had a Christian presence in it since 100 AD. It survived numerous Muslim caliphates since the birth of Islam plus the Baathist purges of Saddam Hussein . As of a month or so ago that city of 1.8 million people is now devoid of any Christians. The Islamic State terrorists after its blitzkrieg like taking of the city, immediately singled out Christian houses and begun painting them with the letter N for Nassarah (Christian) and “This is the property of Islamic State” (Sound familiar). Islamic State gave them a simple choice, convert to its brand of Islam or be executed. Some escaped to Erbil in Kurdistan, others to the temporary safety of Baghdad. Many were executed. Churches and places of worship destroyed. They systematically destroyed Christian cultural artifacts such as the cross from St. Ephrem’s Cathedral, the tomb of Jonah, and a centuries old statue of the Virgin Mary, destroyed and pillaged the Tomb of Seth, artifacts within the tomb were removed to an unknown location.
I am sure many of you have heard of the plight of the Yazidi’s. They are practitioners of Kurdistan’s oldest religion, fire-worshippers whose presence in the region predates Islam. Hundreds of their woman and young girls have been enslaved and shipped up to the capitol of this new terrorist state Raqqa in what was formerly Syria. The rest have been executed or are in the process of being starved to death on Mount Sinjar. Yeah they’re the ones that the feckless Obama managed to drag himself away from his Marthas Vineyard golf course to announce they are under threat of imminent genocide and started dropping food and medical supplies to.

I just looked up the definition of “Genocide” It’s the systematic destruction of all or part of a racial, ethnic, religious or national group. So by that definition we already have genocide going on in Iraq. Even the toothless, useless, United Nations has managed to direct its attention away from Israel for a few minutes to declare: Its highest level of emergency in Iraq. A humanitarian crisis follows the rapid advance by Islamic State militants (The UN and various lefty media have an aversion to calling these thugs what they actually are TERRORIST’S.).

What the hell though. We say “What’s happening in the news? Oh just more trouble in “Wakistan”. Change the channel Entertainment Weekly is on. Apparently Robin Williams was on anti depressants when he committed suicide.”
In a few years time when the extent of the brutality and genocide carried out by these Islamic terrorists is finally realized. We will all collectively cluck “NEVER AGAIN”.


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