If I were running for Council:

If I were running for Collingwood Town Council (I am not). The following would be the 12 planks to my election campaign:

1. Halt any more development on the waterfront between Hurontario St and Heritage Way.
2. Scrap towns existing development plan for above land, which only includes 1 restaurant on the spit and more town houses.
3. Propose to put together a team of professionals to get a plan in place to develop the above land that includes mixed apartment style residential and retail type development, that would include restaurants, coffee, shops etc. In the same vein as Blue Mountain Village.
4. Once plan is in place give the current owners of the land the first opportunity to develop this property as per new official plan in a timely manner. If unwilling expropriate the land and find a new developer.
5. Implement a feasibility study to close Hurontario St to traffic from First St to Third St.
6. Propose to allow banks and financial institutions to locate in the west commercial node and along First St. At present they are only allowed in the downtown core.
7. Put a temporary hold on any new office type commercial development in town until existing stock is at a reasonable vacancy rate.
8. Implement the existing “Active Transportation Plan”. Make Collingwood a cycling friendly jurisdiction.
9. Put a temporary hold on any new sub division developments until all existing ongoing developments are at an 80% occupancy rate. Low income rental housing would be exempt.
10. Actively look for and provide approvals for a business to build a restaurant on Heritage Way in the dock area.
11. Provide marine fueling facilities at the dock. Do whatever this takes to make happen.
12. Support a casino for Collingwood.


8 thoughts on “If I were running for Council:

  1. Colin, your ideas are well thought out and well meaning although some ie: placing a hold on residential development until occupancy rates meet a certain threshold could be impractical to implement with developments already started and approved. Similar to others that have responded I too draw the line at endorsing a casino carte blanche. Much more investigation needs to be done to both enlighten the community as well as gathering their input. I do not believe it to be the financial windfall everyone thinks it is. This is a very contentious issue that in addition to the social impact will ultimately shape our community in many many for years to come and should in my opinion go to a referendum. When you say “If it goes to Wasaga Beach we get all the negatives and zero benefits” you are repeating exactly what our Deputy Mayor said two years ago. That pretty weak rationale with which to make a decision of this magnitude.

  2. We are pretty well on the same page relative to waterfront Colin, and I applaud your comments on this and indeed all all your comments but 2. Banks to the western node: I disagree, banks in this community are a major draw and focal point for the downtown core. Secondly relative to a casino, although I think there is a good chance that we are no longer on the list, because of Council’s dithering, I also believe that it is such a galvanizing issue that it would warrant a referendum.

  3. Hi Colin: Except for #12 I fully agree with and support all of your view points. It is a shame that our harbour is a waste land. I have learned that all of this property is current under the ownership of a bank in Holland. The general opinion seems to be that this means there is nothing we can do. There has to be a way! Re: the casino – I’m still up in the air on this one. Depending upon location there could be some merits but I would want to see a solid business plan that clearly demonstrates that there will be benefits for the community.

    • Thanks Gail. From what I gather the casino is coming to Collingwood or Wasaga Beach anyway. If it goes to Wasaga Beach we get all the negatives and zero benefits. A town council can put a hold on development of that land considering there are no immediate plans to develop it. Now is the time to act.

  4. Love numbers 5 & 8! It’s amazing how people are attracted to places where they don’t have to worry about cars. And they are much more likely to wander into the local businesses when on foot than while driving.

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