Slow boat to Collingwood……………

Moving on from my “Election Platform” post a week or so ago here:

I wrote this post while I was sitting in Starbucks on my smart phone, then promptly forgot about it. Never being one to deny my adoring readers the benefit of my meanderings, I will post this anyway albeit a week after it was relevant. I want to talk about items 10 and 11 in my imaginary election platform.

10. Actively look for and provide approvals for a business to build a restaurant on Heritage Way in the dock area.
11. Provide marine fueling and waste disposal facilities at the dock. Do whatever it takes to make this happen.

I am not much of a boater. The last time I was on a boat, myself and a couple of the other non-boaters had to have a mutiny against the “Captain Bligh” who was running the boat. After he was screaming at us for not being able to tie the proper knots ‎and other boating indiscretions.
That being said I was quite shocked earlier when I ended up chatting with a boating type while enjoying a cup of Tazo Awake Tea. He explained to me that on boating navigational maps there is a big sign saying basically to avoid Collingwood as it has no boating facilities. (Could one of you boating types confirm that for me please?)
I guess it makes sense, no refueling facilities, nowhere to pump out your septic tank, no place to eat or buy provisions on the dock. Why the hell would boaters come anywhere near the place. So realistically that is another demographic that Collingwood has not only completely ignored, but actively shuns. This current council has been too busy falling all over itself to accommodate Steve Assaff and whatever his business needs are at any given time. So much so, it completely ignores every other potential ‎group that could visit Collingwood and spend much needed dollars. Maybe as a town we should all chip in a few bucks and buy Mr. Assaff a boat. I’ll wager we would end up with the best harbour dock facilities around, if he had a boat docked down at the harbour.

This lack of any facilities is quite amazing really‎ considering how we as a town trump up our maritime heritage. Trumpeting that Collingwood once boasted the largest ship building facility on the Great Lakes. Also the fact that the town is named after Battle of Trafalgar hero Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood. He is probably spinning like a top in his tomb at St Paul’s Cathedral, having his name taken in vain by this sad excuse for a harbour town. Which cannot even provide the most basic of facilities for boaters.
The people that want your vote next month need to start talking about real world issues in terms of economic development in Collingwood. The above could be a very good start.


One thought on “Slow boat to Collingwood……………

  1. Collingwood situated on the lee end of Georgian Bay is not one of the most forgiving areas for pleasure boats to navigate in. That’s why there ain’t alot of cruising goin’ on around here.

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