Rumble in the Jungle (Ok it was just the Legion)

I have not been that entertained since the Munroe sisters decided to take up exotic dancing and practiced for a job interview in my front living room. Especially as I ended up parked, bang in the middle of the Cooper/ Lloyd cheering section, so I was clapping and cheering at all the wrong times.

The best quotes of the night:

Joe Gardhouse: After rambling on incoherently for around 3 minutes: “What was the question again?”

Brian Saunderson: After Rick Lloyd asked him about conflict of interest: “Your campaign fund raising chairman is a prominent local developer”.

Rick Lloyd: “I am proud of this councils record of fiscally responsible, honest, accountable governance”.(That comment had the audience howling and guffawing).

Gardhouse to Carrier: “Any reason why all our council meetings went on for hours and hours sometimes until 11pm at night under your watch?”

Carrier to Gardhouse “Because we actually had to discuss and get consensus on issues and not just make decisions on the fly, sometimes that requires a late night Joe”.

Cooper to Gardhouse: “Can you remember what we did with the County of Simcoe budget surplus money refunded to Collingwood?”

Gardhouse to Cooper: ”No. It can’t be a gotcha moment if I don’t know what the hell you are talking about.”

Cooper in summing up: “The waterfront is a gem and we should be developing it to its full potential”. (Um Sandra weren’t you just Mayor and DM for 8 years. This is the first time I’ve heard you say that.)

John Eaton to Saunderson: “OK so I missed a U in Saunderson but I also missed an L in Lloyd”.

Rick Lloyd to no one in particular: “The waterfront is a gem. I can see it being the centre piece of our town. A vibrant place with restaurants, coffee shops a gas bar.” (Has Steve Assaff bought some land down there?)

The above was part of the Mayoral and DM debate. Some further observations:

Not sure why, but to me Sandra Coopers voice after around 2 minutes, has the pitch and tone of finger nails on a chalk board.

Chris Carrier needed to seal the deal tonight but got bogged down with talking deficit numbers. I know Chris it’s all very unfair. But you needed to focus on the future rather than the petty fights of the past. Incumbent wins that argument every time. I am a big fan but even my eyes were glazing over.

Joe Gardhouse was full value tonight and reminded us all just how unsuitable he is for primetime.

Brian Saunderson – Mayor of Collingwood circa 2018?

Some comments on the councilors debate: (In no particular order)

Berman – Surprised me. He stuck to his talking points looked and sounded very councilor like.

Rick Crouch – Stole the show, was on point, articulate and was aggressive to a point, but not obnoxious.

Deb Docherty – Articulated her ideas extremely well. Looked very comfortable.

Tim Fryer – Will not be winning any prizes for exuberant personality traits. But seems to have a great handle on the nuances of the towns fiscal position.

Chadwick, Edwards, West – They are a spent force. Nothing new to say. They didn’t even sound like they believed their own spin.

Bob Madigan – Looks like Ezra Lavent. Talks a good game but I won’t be voting for him. ( I will tell you why another time.)

Kathy Jeffery – No surprises, needs to get more of a personality. I am still voting for her though.

Betty Donaher– Pleasantly surprised I will talk about Betty in my next blog.

Cam Ecclestone – Cam looks and acts like a typical politician – phony as a three dollar bill.

Jim Gosnell – My God he is boring!!! I could not vote for Jim. His voice would have me nodding off in the viewer’s gallery at council chambers.

Gail Machalenko – As I have stated before Gail is probably the least qualified of my voting choices. But she seems honest and will always vote conscience rather than politics.

Kevin Lloyd – Blah, blah, blah, my economic development plan. Blah, blah, voting bloc. Blah, proud of my accomplishments.

One last comment to Ian Adams: You had to get one final dig in at me didn’t you Ian – Conspiracy theory no less. We have had our ups and downs, but I do wish you the very best in your new position in Wasaga Beach. You will be sorely missed in Collingwood.


7 thoughts on “Rumble in the Jungle (Ok it was just the Legion)

  1. I believe that Jim Gosnell would make an excellent councillor. He has regularly attended both council meetings and public meetings and seems to have really done his homework, as is obvious to me in the high calibre of questions that he has asked the current council and CAO at these meetings. I also deeply support his stance of just “pressing the pause button” before making any more significant decisions in our community in the absence of a master plan. We need to stop the silo-effect, the one off decisions (band-aid solutions) that end up costing us more money in the long term. There is more to Jim than just his voice, please don’t give him a bad rap for that 🙂

    Jamie Berman

    • Hey Jamie,
      This is the first time you have commented here. Welcome aboard. You should know me by now that 50% of what I write is for entertainment value and to get the conversations going, the other 50% my true impressions. This blog now gets around 500 to 1000 views on most items that I post of a political nature. I put a challenge out the other day for Jim, Dale West, Bob Madigan and Betty Donaher to send me some information. I did not hear from Dale West which I expected. But I did hear from Betty and Bob. I heard nothing from Jim. So I have to assume one of two things he heard my challenge and decided not to engage with me. Or he does not follow what is going on in the local political social media scene. In both scenarios I do not want to vote for him. I guess I could have been a little easier on him but that is not my way.

      • Fair enough. Thank you for continuing to stoke the political fire in our community and more importantly, for keeping the dialogue going.

  2. I would like to share the following comment that was emailed to me this morning.

    “Good job last night. Thought a couple of the current council folk came across as arrogant/defensive.”

    This is not the first time I have had the word “arrogant” used to describe many on the incumbent Council. As I pointed out last night, Councillors Lloyd, Chadwick and the Deputy Mayor claim the average annual tax increase over the past four years has been less than .5%. Meanwhile Mayor Cooper on her website says its 1.6%.

    Councillors Lloyd and Chadwick stated that town debt has been paid down $7.4 million. Mayor Cooper later stated last evening its $9.5 million.

    Conflicting statements such as this are very worrisome coming from four individuals that oversee a $50 million annual budget and it shows a complete lack of ACCOUNTABILITY a term they keep throwing in our faces. I believe it’s a lack of understanding the budget and taxation process but when I stated during the meeting that the Town only portion of the four incumbents own property taxes had increased anywhere from .9% to 9.6% over the last four years which is true only to have Councillor Lloyd state ” Mr Crouch’s information is wrong…” that’s ARROGANCE and I hope he pays for it at the polls. As Joe Gardhouse said repeatedly during his opening remarks, “you deserve better.”

  3. I like your assessments. Would just like to add that although Gail Michalenko may come across as quiet and not forceful, she is a wealth of information on social issues and is extremely well versed on the municipal political process. And you can bet that she won’t be swayed by any voting bloc.

    • Thank you for your comments. You are perfectly correct that I will not be swayed by voting bloc. My vote will be my vote based on public input, research & staff recommendations. I have sat on the sidelines for many years watching and I am well versed on political process.

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