Voting bloc grooming a new member?

Is Bob Madigan being “groomed” as a replacement for Cunningham on the voting bloc?

I was forwarded the picture below earlier today. Nothing too outrageous there, a few lawn signs not my choices but what the hell it’s democracy right? Myself not being the brightest spark even the caption explaining the location didn’t faze me at first: “Rick Lloyd’s front lawn yesterday“. Then it hit me look who’s sign is in amongst the voting Bloc – Bob Madigan.

Summer52 008

I don’t want to be accused of doing anything underhanded. I have been texting Bob back and forth, I am starting to like the chap and was regretting going public so soon on my voting choices last week.

So I texted Bob the following: “Hey Bob, why does Rick Lloyd have one of your signs on his front lawn?”

He replied in lightening quick speed, “Someone else asked me that question also. They asked if I was afraid of being bulked in with the old regime. My answer is simple. I am trying to get onto council for the first time a sign on someone’s front lawn means they support me not that I support them. Your thoughts?”

I did respond in a couple of texts, but being as Bob is now a regular follower of “VFAN Nation”, I will give my official response in this space as follows:

Bob I actually have developed a liking for you, you seem like a decent, young, hardworking, articulate, dedicated fellow. Exactly the type of person this town needs on council. But I have a few things to say about this situation. You are obviously oblivious to what has been going on in Collingwood these past few years. Rick Lloyd reminds me of that boa constrictor in Jungle Book, smiling and saying nice things while he is gently squeezing the life right out of you. To all those of you that have been paying attention. How long do you think it will take for Rick Lloyd when he wants a vote to go a certain way to say to Bob “remember how I supported you in the election”? Next Bob, you will be invited on the Lloyd, Lloyd, Chadwick, Cooper BBQ circuit. Then you will be justifying it all because you are new to politics and it’s good to engage with other members of council. Here’s the thing Bob in answer to your question – Brian Saunderson would never compromise your possible future position on council by asking to put one of your signs on his front lawn. It’s not just a sign in this town its way more than that. An unpopular US president once said “ You are either with us or with the terrorists”. Now before everyone gets all PC on me, I am not calling the voting bloc terrorists. But what I am saying is; there is no being half in Lloyd’s camp. After he openly supports you in this election and you don’t reciprocate on council, good luck moving forward.
I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you just didn’t think it was that important. But if that is the case you are being extremely naïve politically and not nearly ready for prime time. You should have figured out the above all by yourself.

Out of all the unpleasant posts that I have felt the need to write, this one has been the most difficult. By all accounts Bob is a decent man. But this coming municipal election is one of the most important in this town’s history, we either continue down the same path, or do a reset and change the political landscape. We can not take chances on the candidates that we chose to vote for this time around.


6 thoughts on “Voting bloc grooming a new member?

  1. In the interests of full disclosure, I would like say that I have known Bob M for several years. Our son’s have been very good friends during their time at elementary school and have remained good friends though they now go to separate high-schools. I have known Bob to be a good Father and I have gotten to know him a bit through their interaction. I do respect him and rather admire his at ease style of public speaking. All of the non-incumbent candidates represent a good alternative if that is what you are looking for. There are 2 who have held office before (Deb and Kathy) and then Tim F, Rick C, Jim G, Betty D, Gail M, Steve B, Cam E, and yes Bob M (In NO particular order); each of you has performed admirably at the debates. Each of you represents a positive choice for Collingwood. I rather like all of you, you have made the election choices the most difficult in many years because of your various qualities. Sole sourcing 12-13 million dollars by the incumbents is an issue they should address, why did you not ensure Collingwood receive the best product for the best price for our recreational facilities. Why is it so difficult for some of the incumbent candidates to say to the public, WE HAVE NOT REDUCED THE DEBT BY 7 PLUS MILLION DOLLARS BUT HAVE IN FACT INCREASED THE TOTAL DEBT BY 1 MILLION DOLLARS. Why is that piece of paper being handed out at campaign events by some Incumbents quoting the 2013 financial numbers when we are in the 10 month of spending in 2014!? The 2013 number is a meaningless number unless the purpose is to misinform or mislead the voting public.
    There is an opportunity for significant change this election let us each focus on the best messaging to realize this opportunity.

  2. I have to wonder about this term “dirty politics”, and both Ian Chadwick and Bob Madigan have now used it this week.

    (No, I am NOT comparing Bob to Ian. There is no one quite like Ian)

    Both used the term, relating to facts.

    Chadwick doesn’t like the FACT, of a confirmed 20 month OPP investigation, so he calls it “dirty politics”

    Bob made a choice of where to put a campaign sign. FACT, it was considered by many to be bad optics. He didn’t like it being pointed out, so he calls it “dirty politics”

    Well guys….

    I’ve had a frivolous lawsuit from a town employee
    I’ve had the Mayor bring in the town lawyers to discuss suing me
    I’ve had 2 emails from the CFO of Collus pressuring me
    I’ve had a Clippers parent call the OPP, and another call my employer
    I’ve had a video that shows me being murdered by the Nazi’s, on the National news

    …and that’s just the highlights.

    My point?

    I never once called it “dirty politics”. In fact, I thought the lengths these people went to was pretty funny.

    Being a politician takes thick skin guys. It’s not a popularity contest.

  3. This is one of the most divisive pieces that I have posted and judging by the views will break a previous viewing record. People generally have an intense sense of fair play and some folks believe I have crossed a certain line. I don’t believe so myself, I am just calling things as I see them. If you are looking for fair unbiased commentary you need to look elsewhere. We have had a voting bloc for 4 years in Collingwood, that has run rough shod over the democratic process. Bob has allowed himself to be associated with one of that voting blocs founding members. We shall see how that works out for him at the ballot box. BTW Bob also needs to get himself a platform that consists of more than “I am a nice guy”.

  4. agreed! so much resides on “perception” and in several cases you just can’t have it both ways. Guilty by association may be an unfair assumption, but others perception is your reality.

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