Before you Vote

My ballot arrived in the mail yesterday. I haven’t even opened it yet, I was just told that Sandy Cunningham is on the ballot which really upsets me because the same person that told me about Hurricane Sandy also told me his wife nearly voted for him because she is a local and knows his name and family. I wonder how many other people will do the same thing???

So here is what happens in the above scenario according to municipal affairs:

If voters are not informed and know that he has withdrawn his name and he gets enough votes within the 7 names Cunningham has three choices:
1. Give up his seat and then a by-election can be held.
2. Someone else can be appointed (but not necessarily from the ballot) to take his seat.
3. Accept the results and sit on Council.

The municipality is under no obligation to inform us of this….IT IS UP TO US!!!


7 thoughts on “Before you Vote

  1. Option No. 2 has actually happened in the not-too-distant past. I think it was Joe Guardhouse resigning from council that created the vacancy. It was then filled by an appointee. Interestingly, that appointee was not Sonny Foley, who was the 8th place candidate in the original race.
    Anyone remember the year?

      • Easy answer and politics as usual in Collingwood. Why Gretta? Mayor Geddes was at the helm and she was his secretary at Mountainview Public School at the time. Nothing this old network likes more than a sure vote!

  2. Sandy is 70 year young. Why would he want to deal with all BS for $20,000 a year.30- 40 hour work week works out to less than minimum wage. If we truly want quality people to run 2018 election double the remuneration and change the voting system to a ward system vs present 7 pass the post. The present system only set up for voting block (as “nobody” calls it). Carrier Saunderson Couch Fryer Jeffery vs Cooper Lloyd Lloyd Chadwick, Edwards.

  3. Sandy would have had to withdraw his name by September 12, the final day to file for a position, to have been taken off the ballot. He waited until the following Wednesday, which seemed odd to me. The Enterprise Bulletin story about him dropping out of the race contained the information that his name would remain on the ballot. I agree with Gail that it’s a bad situation.

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