Another blast from the past:

Published on VFAN 2nd March 2014

It wasn’t me it was those other guys!!!

I was perusing through some old minutes of town council meetings of the Carrier administration. Chadwick seems so intent on distancing himself from that council. My thought was if he was such a protector of the town purse, as he seems to keep saying, then he must have been kicking and screaming to try to stop all of that wayward spending. So let’s take a quick look:


That was the vote for the library – $7,487,000.00. Chadwick approved.

First St

This one was the vote for the First St reconstruction $8,823,000 give or take. Chadwick approved.

Down town

Then we have the Downtown revitalization $4,857,000.00 give or take. Chadwick approved.

So in total Chadwick approved $21,167,000.00 in debt spending. And as agreed now by everyone concerned, the town debt increased during the Carrier council $21,400,000.00. So all of the, what I would call discretionary, debt spending was approved by Chadwick.

Don’t get me wrong I think that the projects (with the exception of the library) were necessary. But it’s a bit rich for Chadwick to carry on like this council are the purveyors of fiscal prudence and the previous administration were spending like drunken sailors on shore leave. And to read his blog you would think that he had nothing to do with any of it.


2 thoughts on “Another blast from the past:

  1. My Grandaughter was at our home tonight for dinner.She is a student at Mountainview PS. I was very surprised when she told us the the Mayor, Sandra Cooper, was at the school today and talked to the students. I believe that this is VERY INAPPROPRIATE. She has no right to be in a position of influence, as far as I am concerned, during an election campaign to be garnering votes by remote control through these kids. Another example of the questionable behaviour of this present Collingwood “Ruling Class”.

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